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Grant Gustin Net Worth

This person’s bank account was stuffed full of $6.5 million in 2019. Furthermore, what do you know? From there, things could only get better. They were able to raise it to $7.0 million by 2020, which is quite a little rise.

However, they didn’t end there. Nope, they continued working hard, and by 2021, they had amassed a healthy $8.0 million in net worth. That seems like a very big accomplishment to me.

And guess what? The good times just kept on rolling. In 2022, they hit $8.5 million, showing that their success wasn’t just a fluke. It was the real deal.

By 2023, they are comfortably affluent at $9.0 million. They seem to be traveling in space or something toward financial independence.

Then, whoosh! They crossed the $10 million milestone in 2024. That’s what I mean when something is really well done. It appears that in the end, all of your diligence and astute investing paid off handsomely.

YearNet Worth (Million $)

Who is Grant Gustin?

American singer-actress Grant Gustin is well-known for his role as Barry Allen in The CW network’s Arrowverse television series. His interpretation of the fearless, witty character garnered him many devoted followers.

Gustin first displayed his abilities on the Fox television series Glee, where he played the endearing and occasionally cunning Sebastian Smythe, before donning the recognizable red suit as The Flash. His role on Glee helped him make a name for himself in the entertainment world and demonstrated his flexibility as an actor.

Grant Gustin Biography

Born and bred in Norfolk, Virginia, is where Grant Gustin is from. His varied racial and ethnic background, as well as his American identity, were reflected in his upbringing, which was based in the Christian faith.

Tom Gustin, Grant’s father, is a college professor, while Tina Haney, his mother, works as a pediatric nurse. Together, they provided a supportive environment for Grant and his siblings.

Speaking of siblings, Grant has an older brother named Tyler Gustin, who is a photographer and content creator known for his pursuit of perspective and light. His younger sister, Gracie Gustin, completes the family dynamic.

At the Norfolk Governor’s School for the Arts, Grant developed his love for musical theater throughout his early high school years. In an effort to improve his skills, he also applied to join the Virginia-based theater company Hurrah Players Incorporated. Following his graduation from Granby High School in 2008, Grant moved to North Carolina to further his education. He enrolled in the BFA Music Theater program at Elon University. His path into the performing and vocal arts was paved with these encounters.

Grant Gustin Wiki

NameGrant Gustin
Age33 Years
Date of Birth (DOB)14th January, 1990
HometownNorfolk, USA
Weight75 Kg
Body MeasurementsMeasurements: Waist: 30 inches, Cuff: 14 inches, Chest: 39 inches
HobbiesTravelling and Reading
Skin ColourFair
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourLight Brown
Family Background and Relationships
FatherThomas Gustin
MotherTina Haney
Marital StatusMarried
Girlfriend/WifeAndrea Thoma
TrademarkSoft Voice, Lean & Tall, Nerdy Looks
Debut MovieRain
Debut TV ShowA Haunting
Debut Short MovieTom and Grant
Debut Web SeriesVixen
Debut Theatre/BroadwayWest Side Story
Active Years2003-Present
Net Worth$9 million USD

Grant Gustin’s Education

Grant Gustin pursued his education up to the level of graduation from Elon University.

Grant Gustin Early Life

In Norfolk, Virginia, on January 14, 1990, the narrative of Grant Gustin commences. Tom and Tina Gustin reared him and his two brothers in a tight-knit family, and they shared a close bond throughout their formative years.

Grant had a strong affinity for the performing arts even as a young child. He couldn’t resist the stage’s attraction, which led him to apply to the prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk. He devoted himself to learning about the nuances of musical theater there. After completing his secondary education at Granby High, he followed his dreams to Elon University in North Carolina, where he studied music theater for his Bachelor of Fine Arts. Equipped with resoluteness, he set out to achieve his goals.

However, destiny had planned an unexpected detour for him. 2010 found him pursuing his academic objectives when he was approached by an enticing opportunity to play “Baby John” in the Broadway version of “West Side Story.” He had to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance, even if it meant putting off his academic goals.

Grant Gustin’s Age

Grant Gustin, currently 33 years old, has been actively working in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years.

Grant Gustin’s Height

Grant Gustin stands at a height of 183 centimeters, which is equivalent to 1.83 meters or 6 feet 1 inch.

Grant Gustin Family

Here in the United States, in Norfolk, Virginia, Grant Gustin was born. Thomas Gustin, his father, teaches college students during the day, while Tina Haney, his mother, works as a pediatric nurse. Grant also has a close relationship with his siblings, Tyler, his brother, and Gracie, his sister.

Grant’s childhood may be described as standard American, complete with family dinners and sibling antics. Grant’s parents always encouraged him to follow his goals and put a lot of effort into providing him and his siblings with a nice existence.

And pursue them, he did! Whether it was performing in plays in the backyard or singing along to songs in the shower, Grant has always had a flair for the stage. It’s hardly shocking that he eventually made it to the stage and screen.

Grant Gustin Personal Life

Following a charming year-long engagement, Grant Gustin and Andrea “LA” Thoma finalized their marriage in 2018. They’re partners in more than just love—they’re partners in maintaining their fitness! Grant enjoys keeping his fans updated on his fitness journey and workout regimens; it’s like having a gym companion in your pocket.

Even with his crazy schedule, Grant makes sure to keep the connection with his fans alive. You’ll catch him hanging out on social media, chatting away and showing his appreciation for their support.

But Grant’s not all about the glitz and glam. With a heart as large as his grin, he uses his platform to discuss important issues like improving the state of the planet. He is the real deal, standing up for what’s right even when the cameras are not on. He is not simply a superhero on TV.

Grant Gustin Career

Back in 2003, Grant Gustin kicked off his acting journey with a role in the Kid Fitness Jungle Adventure Exercise Video. It wasn’t your typical blockbuster—it went straight to home video, but it was still a cool start for him.

The following year, while still in high school, Grant got another shot at the big screen. He worked on a movie called “Rain,” directed and produced by Neil Grochmal. Grant played Logan, a young guy with big dreams and a mysterious connection to a stranger. It was an exciting time for Grant, juggling school and acting gigs.

When Grant landed his big break as Barry Allen in “The Flash,” his career truly took off. His performance was so good that he won two Teen Choice Awards. He was so beloved by the public that he won a Breakthrough Performance Award at the Saturn Awards.

However, Grant is not just an actor. He also has some strong pipes because his rendition of “Smooth Criminal” from his “Glee” days peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. All things considered, Grant’s transformation from a young child in a fitness video to an actor and singer with multiple awards is very remarkable.

TV ShowA Haunting2006
Web SeriesVixen2015
Theatre/BroadwayWest Side Story2010

In 2004, the individual appeared in the film “Rain.” Their television debut came in 2006 with the TV show “A Haunting.” Moving into the digital realm, they starred in the web series “Vixen” in 2015. Additionally, they showcased their talent on stage in the theatre or Broadway production of “West Side Story” in 2010.

Real Estate

In May 2023, Grant made a big move and bought himself a sweet new pad in Encino, California, for a cool $4.8 million. The place is massive—6,600 square feet—with enough space for five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It’s a pretty modern place too, built just back in 2017.

The seller? None other than Irv Gotti. Grant must’ve seen something he liked because he didn’t waste any time snagging up the property. Now he’s got himself a cozy new home to kick back and relax in when he’s not busy saving the world on screen.

Grant Gustin Nationality and Ethnicity

Actor Grant Gustin is of white ethnicity from the United States. He has benefited from his nationality by being able to play a variety of roles in a wide range of genres. Grant’s abilities are evident in the characters he brings to life on stage and screen, from playing the adored role of Barry Allen/The Flash to landing a major role on Broadway.

Starting out from a small town in Virginia, Grant has come a long way, showing that where you come from doesn’t limit where you can go. Instead of seeing national boundaries as barriers, he views them as platforms for creativity and growth, proving that talent knows no bounds.

Who is Grant Gustin’s Wife?

Hannah Douglass and Grant Gustin once shared a romantic bond, but as life often goes, their paths diverged, and they parted ways. It happens, right? But fate had something else in store for Grant when he crossed paths with Andrea “LA” Thoma.

Sparks ignited at a casual dinner gathering one evening in January, marking the beginning of their love tale. Before they knew it, they were smitten with each other. Grant was excited to make their public engagement announcement, which they did on April 29, 2017. And a few months later, on December 15 of that year, they exchanged vows.

On August 17, 2021, they welcomed Juniper Grace Louise Gustin into the world as their first child, marking a wonderful new chapter in their love journey. Their family was complete with the excitement and adventure that coming to be parents brought to their life.


Grant Gustin, born on January 14, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia, is an American actor known for his role as Barry Allen in The CW’s Arrowverse. He began his acting career in 2003 and gained recognition through roles in TV shows like “Glee” and “The Flash.” Gustin has also showcased his talent in film, theater, and web series, demonstrating versatility as an actor. Outside of acting, Gustin is known for his marriage to Andrea “LA” Thoma, with whom he shares a daughter named Juniper Grace Louise Gustin.n His net worth has steadily grown over the years, reaching $10 million by 2024.


When was Grant Gustin born?

Grant Gustin was born on January 14, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

What is Grant Gustin’s height?

Grant Gustin stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (183 centimeters).

Who is Grant Gustin married to?

Grant Gustin is married to Andrea “LA” Thoma. They got engaged in April 2017 and married on December 15 of the same year.

How many siblings does Grant Gustin have?

Grant Gustin has two siblings: an older brother named Tyler Gustin and a younger sister named Gracie Gustin.

What is Grant Gustin’s net worth?

Grant Gustin’s net worth reached $10 million by 2024, reflecting his success in the entertainment industry.

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