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Roger Rodas: Who Was He? Observing Paul Walker with the Man Who Died

A devastating car accident on November 30, 2013, left Hollywood in sadness and left an everlasting vacuum. The tragedy killed actor Paul Walker and his buddy Roger Rodas. Their 2005 Porsche Carrera GT unexpectedly hit a light pole and caught fire.

Although overshadowed by Paul Walker, Roger Rodas was crucial to this catastrophe. Rodas drove the failed Porsche Carrera GT at over 100 mph on Hercules Drive in Valencia. The cause of vehicle control loss is uncertain. After spinning, the automobile hit the curb, tree, and light post on the driver’s side. As the truck spun again, the passenger side hit a tree, causing a tremendous explosion.

The aftermath was catastrophic. Walker died from burns and multiple traumatic injuries, while Rodas died from various injuries. Both bodies were burnt beyond recognition by the fire. The deadly crash occurred after the two left a Reach Out Worldwide event. This tragedy claimed two lives and showed the fragility of life, even for celebrities.

Who was Roger Rodas?

CNN reports that El Salvadoran Roger Rodas became BAM Merrill Lynch’s wealth management managing director. His financial expertise placed him in Barron’s top 1,000 financial advisers from 2010 to 2012. Rodas advised Paul Walker on finance, highlighting his financial expertise.

After his career, Rodas was married with two young sons when he died in a car crash. Before arriving at the scene, one of his sons heard the crash from the auto shop and ran to see the flaming car.

Rodas’s love of racing led him to open Always Evolving in Los Angeles. This venture showed his entrepreneurial flair and passion for cars. He also led a shop-sponsored racing team, demonstrating his dedication to motorsports. Roger Rodas’ full life, including finance, family, and racing, paints a complex portrait of a man whose significance beyond that sad day.


NameRoger Rodas
Date of birthOctober 31, 1975
Birth placeSanta Ana, El Salvador
Birth SignScorpio
Age38 years old at the time of death
NationalityEl Salvador
ProfessionBusiness Executive
Death DateNov 30, 2013

How did Paul Walker and Roger Rodas come together?

Rodas drove Walker’s Porsche in a California racing club, where they met. As they raced together, they formed a friendship that went beyond racing. Rodas was Walker’s financial advisor, strengthening their professional and personal bond.

They became closer after participating in a 25-hour pro-am endurance race at Thunder Hill, California, with two professional drivers. Rodas and Walker co-founded Reach Out Worldwide as their friendship grew. First responders from throughout the world help after natural disasters in this charity. The crew quickly moves to affected locations with their equipment to provide aid. Reach Out Worldwide continues to influence lives today, a monument to Rodas and Walker’s humanitarian work.

What are post-accident lawsuits? 

Walker’s father sued Rodas’ estate for wrongful death in December 2014. He wants the estate to repay his son’s half of Walker and Rodas’ car revenue. 

In September 2015, Walker’s daughter sues Porsche for wrongful death, saying that the Porsche Carrera GT had many design flaws, including instability, and that its seat belts might inflict injuries upon contact. Porsche denies wrongdoing.

They blamed Walker, stating he knew the dangers, risks, and pitfalls. They further claimed that he chose to expose himself to such dangers, risks, and perils, assuming all vehicle-related risks. 

Both Walker’s parents and daughter settled with Porsche out of court. 

In April 2016, the US Transportation Department reported that the Honourable Philip S. Gutierrez of the District Court of the United States found in favour of Porsche in a separate case brought by Rodas’ widow Kristine. Roger Rodas’ widow blamed the tragic car crash on 2005 Porsche Carrera GT design flaws. Gutierrez ruled that he would agree with Porsche since the plaintiff had not produced any compelling evidence that Rodas’ death was caused by the defendant. 

Roger Rodas Marital Status

CNN affiliate KCAL described 38-year-old El Salvadoran Roger Rodas as a dedicated family man. Tragically, his young son was at the accident site. At the same charity event as Rodas and Walker, automotive aficionado Jim Torp discussed the terrible story. Torp said, “I knew his son would crash. He passed me because he wanted to watch the fire. He didn’t recognise his dad until he saw the automobile.” The touching details show how the event affected Rodas’s family and friends.

Financial planner

El Salvador-born Roger Rodas was Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s wealth management managing director. His career highlights include being on Barron’s top 1,000 advisers list from 2010 to 2012. Rodas helped actor Paul Walker reorganise his Merrill Lynch portfolio using his financial acumen. This partnership demonstrated Rodas’s financial expertise and dedication to wealth management.

Roger Rodas has a passion for racing

Rodas and Walker initially crossed paths at a California race club, where Rodas was behind the wheel of a Porsche that had once belonged to Walker. Their shared passion for racing led them to compete side by side. Eventually, the duo joined forces with two professional drivers to participate in a pro-am 25-hour endurance race held in Thunder Hill, California, as documented on Merrill Lynch’s website. This collaboration reflected not only their shared interest in racing but also solidified their camaraderie on the track.

Partnership in philanthropy

Roger Rodas and Paul Walker worked together in racing and philanthropy before their sad accident. Rodas and Walker created Reach Out Worldwide after Rodas founded a nonprofit for El Salvadoran orphans and widows. After Haiti’s January 2010 disaster, the couple started the effort.

Walker gathered competent workers to help with disaster relief after seeing the difficulties. ROWW was created due to logistical constraints and remote location access. This charity assembled a fast-response medical and construction team to respond to natural disasters worldwide. The team travels into disaster zones with their own equipment to provide relief. Reach Out Worldwide continues to operate, demonstrating Rodas and Walker dedication to improving the world.


Q1. Who is Roger Rodas?

A1. BAM Merrill Lynch wealth management managing director Roger Rodas was a business professional. He was an avid racer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of disaster relief nonprofit Reach Out Worldwide.

Q2. Roger Rodas met Paul Walker how?

A2. Rodas drove Walker’s Porsche at a California racing club where they met. Rodas became Walker’s financial counsellor after their racing friendship. They co-founded Reach Out Worldwide after a pro-am endurance competition.

Q3. What caused their fatal vehicle accident?

A3. On November 30, 2013, Rodas lost control of their 2005 Porsche Carrera GT and hit a light pole, killing them. The automobile caught fire, killing Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

Q4. Roger Rodas’ impact on Paul Walker?

A4. In addition to being a personal friend and racing partner, Rodas helped Paul Walker financially. As a wealth management managing director, Rodas advised Walker on financial matters and reorganized his Merrill Lynch portfolio.

Q5. After the accident, what lawsuits?

A5. Walker’s father sued Rodas’ estate for wrongful death. Walker’s daughter sues Porsche for Carrera GT design defects. Both cases were resolved out of court, and Rodas’ widow’s Porsche case was found in favour of Porsche.


This article offers a sad look into Roger Rodas’s life after the 2013 vehicle accident that killed Hollywood star Paul Walker and his buddy. In addition to being a successful financial executive and racing fan, Rodas was Walker’s friend, financial advisor, and co-founder of Reach Out Worldwide. The story discusses court battles and litigation after the accident and the lasting impact on both families. After Rodas’s terrible death, the essay explores his complex legacy as a family man, financial planner, and entrepreneur.

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