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Hollywood legend Sam Elliott. American actor with decades of experience. Known for “The Big Lebowski,” “A Star is Born,” and “Road House.”

Elliott was reared in Portland after being born in 1944 in Sacramento.

Oregon taught him English and psychology after David Douglas High School. He transferred to Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, to finish a two-year degree in 1965 after two terms. He found his acting calling here.

Sam Elliott’s net worth and salary

Famous American actor Sam Elliott has $20 million in wealth. Elliott has won many awards throughout his long career, cementing his place in the entertainment business.

He has shown his acting range in various flicks. His most notable works are “The Quick and the Dead,” “The Big Lebowski,” “A Star is Born,” and “Road House.” Elliott’s depth and genuineness have won him critical accolades and fans worldwide.

Hollywood glitter aside, Sam Elliott’s film contributions show dedication to his profession and love of narrative. His films continue to touch audiences and artists.


NameSam Elliott
Date of birthAugust 9, 1944
Birth placeSacramento
Age79 years old
ProfessionActor, Voice Actor, Film Producer
Zodiac SignLeo
Net Worth$20 Million

Early life

On August 9, 1944, Glynn Mamie and Henry Nelson Elliott had Sam Elliott in Sacramento, California. Henry Nelson Elliott, his father, was a Department of the Interior predator control specialist, while Glynn Mamie, his mother, taught high school and physical training.

Elliott attended David Douglas High School in Portland, Oregon, when his family moved there at 13. English and psychology were his first majors at the University of Oregon after graduating in 1962. After two terms, he switched plans and finished a two-year degree at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. He even led the college’s staging of “Guys and Dolls.”

Elliott enrolled at the University of Oregon and joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon after several academic detours. The death of his father ended his academic career. Elliott decided to pursue acting after this life-changing incident.

Through schooling and personal sorrow, Sam Elliott found his genuine vocation, launching a brilliant acting career that would define his reputation in film.


Sam Elliott, born August 9, 1944, is 79. The entertainment world has changed, but this veteran actor has deftly managed it. His career shows his persistent talent and ageless appeal with each passing year.

Elliott, born in the summer of 1944, has seen cinema and society change, adding his own touch to film history. His rise from youthful actor to industry veteran is defined by a multitude of experiences and a body of work that shows the wisdom and depth that only time can provide.

Sam Elliott is renowned at 79 for his legacy and influence on audiences worldwide. His ongoing fame inspires budding performers and reminds them that great talent only improves with age.


David Douglas High School shaped Sam Elliott’s future. After high school, he attended Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. He spent two years there taking a full course to improve his skills and broaden his perspectives.

Elliott followed his curiosity to the University of Oregon. Despite enrolling, the stage and performance beckoned him. His senior year choice to leave academia and enter the unpredictable yet fascinating world of acting was crucial.

This brave action changed Sam Elliott’s life, leading him from academia to the entertainment world. He had no idea that this decision would make him one of film and television’s most renowned figures.

Acting Career

Sam Elliott’s extensive film and television career is his financial foundation. Elliott has established himself as a versatile and in-demand actor with approximately 40 films and 60 TV episodes. His entertainment business success has come from his flawless role transitions.

Elliott has made a lot of money with his roles in “The Big Lebowski” and “A Star is Born.” These jobs helped him make a lot of money and become famous for his talent. His unique personas and engaging interpretations have made him a respected and sought-after figure in entertainment.

Sam Elliott Family

FatherHenry Nelson Elliott
Father ProfessionWorked at Department of Interior
MotherGlynn Mamie Sparks
Mother ProfessionPhysical Training Instructor

Sam Elliott’s family has a rich history of contributors. His father, Henry Nelson Elliott, worked for the Department of the Interior with dedication and service. Sam’s mother, Glynn Mamie Sparks, was a high school teacher and physical training instructor who loved education and exercise.

As an only child, Sam Elliott is loved and supported by his parents. We learn about Hardy Bishop Elliott and Leona Pack, his paternal grandparents, who shaped his family’s history.

Samuel D. Sparks, Jr. and Zora Pope are notable persons in Sam’s maternal line. Their impact adds layers to Sam Elliott’s ancestry, representing many experiences and perspectives.

Family connections that span generations frame Sam Elliott’s personal and professional life, revealing the principles and influences that shaped the legendary voice and famous acting career.

Sam Elliott Relationship Status

Sam Elliott’s 1984 marriage to Katharine Ross was a momentous life event. Years earlier, on “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” both actors had roles but no scenes together. However, fate brought them together in 1978, sparking a romance after co-starring in “The Legacy.”

They had their daughter Cleo Rose in 1984 after a growing affection. Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross’s Hollywood relationship highlights the endurance of love beyond the screen. They created a family story that adds to Sam Elliott’s complex life.

Physical Appearance

Height6 ft 2 in or 188 cm
Weight88 kg or 194 lbs
Hair ColourWhite
Eye ColourGreen

Brand Endorsements

Beyond his success in entertainment, Sam Elliott has left an unforgettable impression in corporate endorsements with his recognizable voice. His rough voice lends credibility to Ford, Chevy, and Dodge Truck commercials. Elliott has supported the U.S. Beef Council and the automotive industry, emphasizing his American values.

His authoritative voice lends credibility to Union Pacific Railroad and IBM. Elliott’s association with Coors Beer gives the brand a laid-back vibe. He voices Coleman Camping Gear ads, capturing the spirit of adventure.

Sam Elliott has voiced Smokey Bear since 2008, promoting forest fire prevention. This part shows his vocal range and is consistent with his environmental activism. Sam Elliott is sought after for brand endorsements because of his trust, genuineness, and raw charm.

Real Estate

Since the 1970s, Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross have made their 2.6-acre Malibu property their refuge. This $6-10 million home in Malibu’s gorgeous settings is a refuge where the couple has braided their shared experiences and memories.

Other than California, its real estate portfolio includes Oregon’s Willamette Valley. This calm room gives the couple a spot to relax and enjoy the Pacific Northwest’s natural splendour.

Elliott’s boyhood house in Portland adds sentimentality to their real estate. His mother died in 2012, leaving him ownership of this home. This familial tie to his boyhood house makes the place more than just a space—it becomes a piece of his past.

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross have created a real estate portfolio that blends luxury, natural beauty, and sentimental value to reflect their lives.


Q1. Net Worth of Sam Elliott?

A1. Estimated $20 million net worth of Sam Elliott.

Q2. Tell me Sam Elliott’s childhood and education?

A2. 9 August 1944 was Sam Elliott’s Sacramento birthday. David Douglas High School in Portland, Oregon, and the University of Oregon taught him English and psychology until he discovered his passion for acting at Clark College in Vancouver.

Q3. Examples of Sam Elliott’s film roles?

A3. Sam Elliott starred in “The Big Lebowski,” “A Star is Born,” “Road House,” and “The Quick and the Dead.”

Q4. Sam Elliott’s age?

A4. Sam Elliott, born August 9, 1944, is 79.

Q5. Can you describe Sam Elliott’s family?

A5. Glynn Mamie Sparks, Sam Elliott’s mother, taught high school and physical training, while Henry Nelson Elliott, his father, worked for the Interior. Only child.


After decades of acting, Sam Elliott has a $20 million net worth and appeared in “The Big Lebowski” and “A Star is Born.” Elliott was committed to his trade from his childhood in Oregon until discovering his passion for acting at Clark College. Sam Elliott has a strong family, a lengthy Hollywood romance with Katharine Ross, and a varied real estate holdings. His lasting influence, distinct endorsing voice, and film contributions make him an entertainment business legend.

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