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Billy Ray Cyrus Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career, Height, Family

Billy Ray Cyrus is a successful American celebrity. His vocal skills are famous globally. The American country singer and actor has several accomplishments.

He began performing in 1989 and published his first major work in 1992. Cyrus released 16 studio albums and several singles since then. Everyone loves his work. Cyrus’ 1992 hit Achy Breaky Heart became country music’s only triple Platinum.

Top-selling single in Australia. Cyrus has several other top-selling singles and albums, making him a multi-platinum artist.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ net worth

Billy Ray Cyrus is worth $20 million. He became recognized with “Achy Breaky Heart,” a 1992 country hit. “Some Gave All,” his debut album, topped the Billboard 200 for 17 weeks, a record. His country-pop sound sold millions of copies and earned him honours, including a Grammy nomination. In “Hannah Montana,” Cyrus played Robby Stewart and starred with his daughter Miley Cyrus. His country music and pop culture influence was amplified by his versatility and durability. Cyrus then worked with Lil Nas X on the viral song “Old Town Road,” demonstrating his versatility and relevancy during musical changes.

Billy Ray Cyrus Assets

Home: Kentucky-born Billy Ray Cyrus proudly owns numerous acres of land there. His connection to Kentucky goes beyond a residence; it shows his love for the place and its culture. Other than Kentucky, Cyrus owns land in South Carolina, Texas, and California. These houses demonstrate his entertainment business success, geographic diversity, and possibly desire for a well-rounded lifestyle.

Car Collection: Billy Ray Cyrus is humble and loves old American cars. His modest yet polished taste shows in his car collection. He owns several historic cars that represent American automotive history. Cyrus values craftsmanship and style and owns cars that evoke bygone periods.

Cyrus likes heavy cars and antique cars. This diversified collection includes Jeep, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Ford models. Each car in his collection may have a tale about his likes and life experiences.

Billy Ray Cyrus’s homes and cars reflect his complex personality. From his Kentucky beginnings to his extensive property holdings and unusual automobile collection, Cyrus’s life seems to be a tapestry of experiences, interests, and a real appreciation for the finer things in life.


NameBilly Ray Cyrus
Date of birthAugust 25, 1961
Birth placeFlatwoods
Age62 years old
ProfessionActor, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Musician, Television producer, Philanthropist
Sun SignVirgo
CollegeGeorgetown College
Net Worth$20 Million

Early Life

Flatwoods, Kentucky native Billy Ray Cyrus was born on August 25, 1961. Billy Ray’s childhood was shaped by his parents, Ron Cyrus, a politician and steel business executive, and Ruth Ann Casto.

Cyrus’ vocal skill began at age four, anticipating his lifelong musical journey. His grandfather’s Pentecostal preaching exposed him to gospel and bluegrass, which shaped his musical tastes. The melodies of religion and the soulful sounds of bluegrass shaped his genre-blending musical approach.

Cyrus’s parents divorced in 1966, changing their family dynamic. Cyrus’s tenacity and enthusiasm for music only grew in such a difficult scenario.

Cyrus entered Georgetown College on a baseball scholarship to pursue his aspirations, displaying his musical and athletic abilities. However, a musical career was too tempting, forcing him to make a crucial decision. He left college in his junior year to enter the music industry.

Cyrus’s decision to leave school for the uncertain and demanding world of music shows his dedication to his work. He had no idea that this leap of faith would launch him into the spotlight and set the stage for a career that would transcend genres and change country and popular music.

Billy Ray Cyrus Age

Billy Ray Cyrus, born August 25, 1961, is 62. From Kentucky beginnings to music legend, his life is a narrative of progress and inventiveness. Each year has added to his reputation, showing resilience, enthusiasm, and a lasting impact on entertainment.


After receiving a baseball scholarship to Georgetown College, Billy Ray Cyrus began an academic and athletic career. Music, his actual love, overcame his college dedication. Cyrus bravely chose music above academics and athletics in his junior year. He left college for the music industry at this turning moment, starting a new chapter in his life. He had no idea that this courageous action would make him a country music icon and cement his place in music history.


Billy Ray Cyrus’s family is rooted in Kentucky. Billy Ray’s upbringing was shaped by his father, Ron Cyrus, a dynamic politician and steelworker, and his mother, Ruth Ann Casto. Kevin Cyrus, his brother, tells the family journey.

Billy Ray’s musical tastes were shaped by his grandfather’s Pentecostal preaching and gospel and bluegrass. His family’s influence and natural talent inspired him to sing before launching his successful career.

Billy Ray has had two marriages and complex family life off the spotlight. Cyrus’s first marriage to Cindy Smith, from 1986 to 1991, produced songs like “Wher’m I Gonna Live?” and “Some Gave All,” which appeared on his debut album. Two children from Leticia’s past partnerships were added to his 1993 second marriage to actress and producer Leticia Jean Finley. The family lived on a farm near Nashville, Tennessee, until Hollywood demanded they migrate to Los Angeles for “Hannah Montana.” The famous couple filed for divorce in 2010 and 2013, but reconciled through treatment and dropped the case in 2017. This changed in April 2022 when Tish filed for divorce after 28 years of marriage.

With Braison and Stella’s first child in June 2021, Billy Ray Cyrus becomes a grandfather despite the challenges. Billy Ray’s August 2022 engagement to Australian singer Firerose added a new chapter to his family life. This complex interaction of family, music, and personal evolution offers a complete picture of the man behind the song—an artist whose journey includes both the spotlight and the private moments of family life.

Music Career

Sly Dog frontman Cyrus lived in his neighbour’s car while seeking a record deal. His luck changed when he signed with Mercury Nashville Records and opened for Reba McEntire. Cyrus’ 1992 debut album “Some Gave All” Instant hit and commercial success. It topped the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Four album songs reached the top 40. The most successful single was “Achy Breaky Heart.” The album was the first debut to top the Billboard Country Albums chart and is 9x multi-platinum in the U.S. His 1993 second studio album, “It Won’t Be the Last.” The chart debut was No. 1. His 1994 Mercury Records album “Storm in the Heartland” was his third. The album and songs failed to chart in the top 10.

The 1996 album “Trail of Tears,” Cyrus’s most critically lauded, had mixed single chart performance. Cyrus released “Shot Full of Love,” his last Mercury album, in 1998. Cyrus departed Mercury for Monument Records in 1999 after his lowest-charting album. He launched his 2000 debut album for them to mixed charts and commercial success. After that, he recorded two Christian albums. In 2008, Cyrus returned to music after acting. She released six more albums. He appeared in Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” remix, which topped the Billboard charts. The song earned Cyrus his first two Grammys and many nominations.

Cyrus has released 16 studio albums and 53 singles. His best-known song is “Achy Breaky Heart.” It was Australia’s first triple platinum single. The song has been translated into over 100 languages and popularised line dancing. “Could’ve Been Me” and “In the Heart of a Woman.” both topped the charts for Billy Ray Cyrus.

His Acting Career

From 2001 until 2004, Cyrus featured in “Doc”. The 2001 David Lynch film “Mulholland Drive” featured Cyrus briefly. The 2005 Toronto production of “Annie Get Your Gun” featured him. Some of his small roles include “The Nanny” and “The Love Boat.” Cyprus “won” a 2009 Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor for “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. The Jackie Chan film “The Spy Next Door.” starring him in 2010. They appeared on Syfy’s “UFO: Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious.” later that year with his son Trace Cyrus.

He and Miley Cyrus featured in Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” from 2005 to 2011. In 2009 and 2011, he produced “Hannah Montana: The Movie” and eight “Surprise Homecoming” episodes. In 2016, he starred and produced “Still the King.” He appeared in “Sharknado 2: The Second One.” (2014). “Dancing with the Stars.” season four included him and his daughter. Cyrus’ career and ascent to prominence have been examined in various documentaries. The Parents Television Council advisory board includes him. His 2022 role was Jimmy Love in “Christmas in Paradise.”

Billy Ray Cyrus Personal Life

Billy Ray Cyrus’s personal life is a tangled tapestry of love, relationships, and stardom. After two marriages, he has six children, including Miley Cyrus (born Destiny Hope in 1992), Trace Cyrus, and Noah Cyrus.

His 1986–1991 marriage to Cindy Smith was a creative partnership. Cyrus’s debut album had thoughtful songs like “Wher’m I Gonna Live?” and “Some Gave All,” co-written by the couple. This artistic connection made their relationship special.

Despite record business opposition, Billy Ray married actress and producer Leticia Jean Finley in a secret ceremony in 1993. Billy Ray loved Leticia’s two young children from prior relationships. The family thrived on a farm near Nashville, Tennessee, until Hollywood called them to Los Angeles to film “Hannah Montana.” Cyrus filed for divorce in 2010 due to fame’s obstacles. The pair dropped divorce proceedings. Tish also filed for divorce in 2013, but the pair sought therapy and withdrew it in 2017. The strength of their marriage was tested in April 2022 when Tish filed for divorce after 28 years.

The birth of Braison and Stella’s first child in June 2021 made Cyrus a grandfather for the first time. Billy Ray’s August 2022 engagement to Australian singer Firerose added to his family drama.

Despite Cyrus’s claim to be a lifetime Democrat, Billy Ray’s song “We the People,” utilised by George W. Bush in his 2000 presidential campaign, showed his political views beyond his family. This complex part of his life shows the man behind the music—a multifaceted person whose path goes beyond the spotlight.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight79 kg or 174 lbs
Hair ColourLight Brown
Eye ColourBlue

Brand Endorsements

Billy Ray Cyrus has endorsed many products to boost his popularity beyond his successful career. Among his collaborations are FastLife Insurance endorsements. Cyrus blends his artistic attractiveness with the promotional storylines of the endorsed products in these advertising initiatives.

Cyrus’s endorsements likely match his personal brand and the companies’ ideals or messaging as a seasoned artist and cultural star. Cyrus’s partnership with FastLife Insurance and other products lends authenticity and relatability to marketing, whether it’s insurance or other aspects of modern life.

These collaborations demonstrate Cyrus’s ability to shift between music and business and his importance in modern popular culture. Billy Ray Cyrus’s sponsorship shows his continued appeal and marketability beyond the music stage. Continuing to balance art and economics, Cyrus’s commercial sponsorships give a distinct depth to his multidimensional career, portraying him as a musical force and a shrewd and important personality in media and advertising.

Billy Ray Cyrus on Social Media

Billy Ray Cyrus has a large and engaged social media following, demonstrating his longevity and appeal. He has approximately 2 million Instagram followers, sharing his life, music, and more. He has approximately 1.4 million Twitter followers who enjoy his concise, genuine posts. The Billy Ray Cyrus Facebook network now has nearly 2.1 million followers and hosts more debates, updates, and shared memories. His YouTube account has approximately 381,000 subscribers who avidly watch his music videos, interviews, and other special content. These large figures demonstrate Cyrus’s digital presence and his diversified fan engagement throughout social media’s ever-changing landscape.


Q1. Billy Ray Cyrus has how many studio albums?

A1. Since his 1989 debut, Billy Ray Cyrus has released 16 studio albums.

Q2. Which Billy Ray Cyrus song is most famous?

A2. His 1992 track “Achy Breaky Heart,” country music’s sole triple Platinum top-seller in Australia, is his most famous.

Q3. Billy Ray Cyrus’s net worth?

A3. Billy Ray Cyrus is worth $20 million, according to recent estimates.

Q4. How many children does Billy Ray Cyrus have?

A4. Miley Cyrus, Trace Cyrus, and Noah Cyrus are among Billy Ray Cyrus’ six children.

Q5. What year did Billy Ray Cyrus become a grandfather?

A5. Billy Ray Cyrus became a grandfather in June 2021 when his son Braison and daughter-in-law Stella had their first child.


The essay concludes with a full look at Billy Ray Cyrus, a famous American artist. Cyrus is more than a country music star, with a successful music career, acting career, and complicated family life. His impact stretches beyond the theatre to politics, real estate, and social media. Cyrus’s life, woven together by singles like “Achy Breaky Heart” and collaborations like “Old Town Road,” shows his resilience, variety, and impact on the music industry and popular culture. Billy Ray Cyrus remains an iconic figure with a story that resonates across decades as he navigates celebrity, family, and art.

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