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In the United States, James Daniel Sundquist, known for his talents as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, shares a close bond with the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Music, invention, and carrying forward his father’s remarkable legacy have been the cornerstones of James’s life.

The revelation that James is Jimi Hendrix’s son emerged in 1970, marking a profound turning point in his life. This discovery not only reshaped James’s journey but also added a deeper dimension to his father’s enduring legacy.

Who is James Daniel Sundquist?

This country is well acquainted with James Daniel Sundquist, the son of the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Jimi, a 20th-century icon, left an indelible mark on the music scene despite his relatively short four-year career.

Using his music as a medium, Jimi Hendrix not only entertained audiences but also sought to inspire and captivate them. While James may not be as focused on mastering the guitar as his father was, he occasionally shares his voice through singing.

Recently, James has undergone significant personal growth. At 32, he made the decision to embark on a journey of self-discovery by transitioning into a woman. This choice brought its share of challenges, especially in Sweden where such matters have historically been sensitive. Initially, James’s mother, Eva, struggled to come to terms with this transformation. However, over time, she embraced James for who she truly is.

Today, James Daniel Sundquist proudly identifies as a woman, living her life authentically and staying true to herself, while also carrying forward the legacy of her iconic father, Jimi Hendrix, in her own unique way.

James Daniel Sundquist Bio

James Daniel Sundquist on the 5th day of October in the year 1969, a mesmerizing amalgamation of his progenitors, the renowned Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist. Originating from the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, his existence was fated to be interwoven with melodies and the enduring heritage of his paternal figure.

A fortuitous encounter etched its mark upon the fabric of James’s destiny. Despite the poignant departure of Jimi Hendrix in the year 1970, his melodic influence perseveres, echoing through the corridors of time even unto this day.

The mother figure in James’s life, Eva Sundquist, was living in the energetic city of Stockholm when destiny stepped in and arranged an unplanned meeting with Jimi Hendrix during the band’s 1968 tour. This coincidental meeting served as the catalyst for a friendship that would profoundly affect James’s journey. Although the tragic aftermath of Jimi Hendrix’s premature death in 1970 loomed large over his family, his musical legacy lives on, inspiring new generations of musicians.

James Daniel Sundquist Wiki

Age54 years
Birth DateOctober 05, 1969
Full NameJames Daniel Sundquist
Net Worth$1 million
Last UpdatedAugust, 2023
Birth PlaceStockholm, Sweden
Horoscope (Sunshine)Libra
Ethnicity (Race)Mixed ethnicity
ProfessionSinger and Celebrity child
Father’s NameJimi Hendrix
Mother’s NameEva Sundquist
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
Lucky Number6
Lucky StonePeridot
Lucky ColorBlue
Best Match for MarriageGemini

James Daniel Sundquist Age

As of the current year, 2023, James Daniel Sundquist is 43 years old, a living testament to a life brimming with experiences, personal growth, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. With each passing year, he has embraced opportunities to broaden his horizons, confronting new challenges head-on and seizing every chance to leave a positive mark on the world.

Body Stats: Height & Weight

The public remains in the dark about the height and weight of the 54-year-old celebrity offspring, kept under wraps. Yet, what’s evident are his captivating dark brown eyes, seemingly holding countless untold tales, paired with a mane of black hair that undoubtedly contributes to his enigmatic allure. His body measurements and shoe size remain undisclosed, leaving fans and admirers curious about the finer aspects of his physical appearance.

James Daniel Sundquist Career

James Daniel Sundquist found himself deeply entrenched in a realm where the ethereal essence of his paternal progenitor lingered, despite the untimely demise of Jimi during James’s formative years. Enveloped by a collective of minstrels and artisans profoundly influenced by his sire’s enduring legacy, James experienced an intense bond with his ancestral origins.

During his juvenile years, James was enthralled by the anecdotes and narratives divulged by his father’s compatriots and co-conspirators. These chronicles ignited an ardent fervor within him to explore his own melodic aptitude. In his adolescent epoch, he took a courageous leap and forged his own musical ensemble, christening it “The Sundquist Experience.” The moniker of the ensemble swiftly gained momentum within the subterranean music milieu, disseminating with celerity.

In the wake of his progenitor’s footsteps, James has adeptly enraptured audiences and crafted melodies that transcend conventional categorical confines. He transcends mere celebrity lineage, emerging as a paragon and a corporeal manifestation of the enduring influence of Jimi Hendrix’s musical oeuvre. James Daniel Sundquist remains a fount of inspiration, perpetuating his father’s musical legacy in the hearts of multitudes.

James Daniel Sundquist’s parents 

The love story of Daniel Sundquist’s parents, Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist, began in the vibrant year of 1968. Fate brought them together during Jimi’s tour with his band in Stockholm, Sweden, Eva’s hometown. Their connection was instant, and even after Jimi’s tour ended, they stayed in touch.

Just nine months after Jimi and Eva’s romance blossomed, their love bore fruit with the arrival of James Daniel Sundquist. While Jimi continued his musical journey elsewhere, Eva shared the joyful news of her pregnancy with him. Jimi wasted no time in making a commitment to reunite with his son and Eva in Stockholm in 1970.

Sadly, fate had other plans, and Jimi Hendrix was never able to live up to his vow to return to Sweden and be with his kid and his child’s mother. James Daniel Sundquist also never got to meet his father because Jimi passed away before they could get back together. Their tale is a moving reminder of the erratic swings life can take.

James Daniel Sundquist Career

James Sundquist stands as a beacon of scholarly excellence, illuminating a path to an exhilarating odyssey yet to unfold. His acquisition of a prestigious scholarship granted him entry into the hallowed halls of a distinguished institution, where the pursuit of an engineering degree became his raison d’être. However, the chronicles of his collegiate tenure transcended the confines of academia.

Amidst the scholarly pursuits, James diligently cultivated his acumen in leadership and fostered the seeds of entrepreneurial ingenuity. The genesis of a pioneering software enterprise, co-founded by him, burgeoned into an unprecedented triumph, catapulting him into the realms of a gratifying professional expedition.

With each epochal conquest, James’s eminence in the domain of technology burgeoned exponentially. His ascendancy metamorphosed him into a revered sage, offering sagacious counsel to conglomerates grappling with the labyrinthine intricacies of digital metamorphosis and technological evolutions. His perspicacious insights and avant-garde ideation wielded an indelible influence, etching a profound imprint upon the annals of innovation and technological progress.

James Daniel Sundquist Marriage

At the core of James Daniel Sundquist’s remarkable achievements lies a story of love and partnership. His journey with Emily Anderson, his college sweetheart, is truly special and forms the foundation of his success.

Their relationship has only grown stronger over time since their love story started during their college years. Based on trust, steadfast support, and a same future vision, James and Emily have a deep connection.

Their collaboration is a powerful example of the enormous impact a supportive spouse can have on your capacity to reach your objectives in both your personal and professional life. Together, they have been consistent pillars of strength for one other as they have navigated life’s path through its highs and lows.

Net Worth

The exact figure of James Daniel Sundquist’s wealth remains a bit of a mystery as of the time I began writing this piece. However, there’s no denying that his financial situation has undergone significant changes. It’s currently estimated that James Daniel Sundquist’s net worth is around $10 million after he was reinstated as the rightful heir to his father’s substantial fortune, which is valued at over $30 million.

Jimi Hendrix, the father of James Hendrix, accumulated an estimated net worth of $80 million before to his untimely demise. These figures demonstrate the lasting influence of a musical icon’s tremendous talent and inventiveness on succeeding generations in addition to reflecting his financial legacy.

Social Media

James Daniel Sundquist fully understands the significance of social media as a powerful tool for inspiration, communication, and promoting positive change. He actively engages on various social media platforms, connecting with his audience by sharing his knowledge, personal stories, and uplifting messages.

Sundquist uses social media to promote causes and initiatives that are close to his heart in addition to using it for selfish purposes. His intention is to inspire his supporters to work with him to change the world in a real and meaningful way. He inspires others to focus their energies on philanthropy and personal development by converting the virtual world of social media into a catalyst for change in the real world through his postings and deeds.


  • Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist had James Daniel Sundquist on October 5, 1969, in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • His father, Jimi Hendrix, is one of the finest musicians in history.
  • James Daniel Sundquist became a woman aged 32 and identifies as one.
  • James’ mother, Eva Sundquist, initially struggled to accept his transition but eventually accepted him.
  • James plays music and sings, continuing his father’s history.
  • In his late teens, he formed “The Sundquist Experience,” a popular underground band.
  • College engineering graduate James Daniel Sundquist co-founded a successful software company and became a tech industry influencer.
  • He married his college love Emily Anderson, and they have a trusting, supportive relationship.
  • Due to his legal fights over his father’s wealth, James Daniel Sundquist’s estimated nett worth has fluctuated throughout the years.
  • His paternity and part of his father’s $30 million estate were disputed in court.
  • Al Hendrix, James Daniel Sundquist’s grandpa, inherited Jimi Hendrix’s wealth and goods, causing legal issues.
  • Jimi Hendrix, his father, died of a heroin overdose and barbiturates-induced asphyxiation on September 18, 1970.
  • His parents are Swedish and African American, hence James Daniel Sundquist is mixed race.
  • He promotes issues and positive change on social media.
  • As a low-profile social media user, James Daniel Sundquist prioritises meaningful contact with his followers.
  • His mysterious aspect is enhanced by his dark brown eyes and black hair.
  • He encourages his followers to make a difference through personal development and generosity.
  • Sundquist is close to his father’s siblings, Janie, Kathy, and Pamela Hendrix, his aunts.
  • His grandparents, Lucille Jeter and James Allen Hendrix, helped preserve Jimi Hendrix’s music.
  • James Daniel Sundquist wants to honour his father and make his own mark in music.


James Daniel Sundquist is well-known for having a close relationship with Jimi Hendrix, his father. James has experienced personal metamorphoses, legal challenges, and a steadfast determination to continue his father’s artistic legacy throughout his life. James has made a name for himself in the tech field as an engineer and entrepreneur in addition to pursuing his love of music. Using social media as a platform, he actively engages and motivates his followers while promoting charity and positive change.


Does James Daniel Sundquist play music like his dad?

Like his father Jimi Hendrix, James Daniel Sundquist plays music and sings.

How did James Daniel Sundquist become female?

James went through self-discovery and transition at 32, choosing to live as a woman.

The James Daniel Sundquist-grandfather lawsuit was what?

James Daniel Sundquist sued his grandfather, Al Hendrix, for his father’s $30 million estate.

When and why did Jimi Hendrix die?

His heroin overdose and barbiturates-induced asphyxiation killed Jimi Hendrix on September 18, 1970.

James Daniel Sundquist’s estimated wealth?

The current estimates put James Daniel Sundquist’s nett worth at $1 million.

Does James Daniel Sundquist have siblings?

The story does not mention James Daniel Sundquist’s siblings.

James Daniel Sundquist’s education?

James became a tech icon after earning an engineering degree and co-founding a successful software company.

Who are James Daniel Sundquist’s aunts and how do they affect him?

James is close to his aunts, Janie, Kathy, and Pamela Hendrix, his father’s siblings, who largely shaped his life.

The significance of James Daniel Sundquist’s dark brown eyes and black hair?

James Daniel Sundquist’s mysterious appearance is enhanced by his dark brown eyes and black hair.

What does James Daniel Sundquist do with social media to help?

James passionately promotes causes, positive change, personal growth, and generosity on social media.

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