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Shelley Covel Rowland, Age, Bio, Career, Parents and Meet Toby Keith’s Adopted Daughter

In addition to his successful career as a country music artist, Toby Keith took great pride in his role as a devoted family man. In a 2010 interview with People magazine, the singer, whose full name is Toby Keith Covel, expressed his gratitude for being raised by loving parents and emphasised his strong bond with his children. Despite his fame and success, Keith’s family remained grounded, with his children not overly fixated on the entertainment industry. Keith shared a loving and enduring marriage with his wife, Tricia Lucus, spanning nearly four decades since their wedding on March 24, 1984. Together, they raised three children: daughters Shelley and Krystal, and son Stelen. When Keith revealed his diagnosis of stomach cancer in June 2022, he made it clear that his priority was spending quality time with his family, signalling the importance of their bond in his life.

Shelley Covel Rowland Biography

Shelley Covel Rowland, aged 44, holds the distinction of being Toby Keith’s eldest daughter. Born from Tricia Lucus’ previous relationship, Rowland was reportedly adopted by Keith following his marriage to Lucus. While Rowland maintains a relatively private presence on social media, she did make a notable public appearance alongside her family in 2015. Alongside her mother and sister, Krystal Keith, Rowland joined the country singer at a launch event for SwingDish held in Las Vegas in August 2015.

Shelley Covel Rowland Wiki

NameShelley Covel Rowland
Date of birthOctober 21, 1980
BirthplaceOklahoma City
Age44 years old
ProfessionBusiness Women
Zodiac SignLibra
ParentsToby Keith & Tricia Lucus
HusbandBrian Skaggs
Net WorthN/A

Shelley Covel Rowland Age

She was born on October 21, 1980, in Oklahoma City, is a 44-year-old individual with deep roots in Oklahoma. Growing up in the heartland, Shelley has been influenced by the rich culture and traditions of her surroundings. Her upbringing in Oklahoma City has shaped her perspective and values, instilling in her a strong sense of community and family. Over the years, Shelley has embraced her heritage and cherished the connections she has forged with her hometown. As she continues her journey through life, Shelley remains proud of her Oklahoma roots and the experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today.

Shelley Covel Rowland’s Career

Shelley Covel Rowland

While specific details about Shelley Covel Rowland’s career are not readily available, her upbringing in a musically inclined family and close connections to the country music scene suggest promising opportunities in her professional endeavours. With a father like Toby Keith, whose influence is substantial, it’s plausible that Shelley has pursued her own distinctive path in the music industry or delved into other areas aligned with her passions and talents. The strong foundation she possesses offers ample room for exploration and growth across diverse avenues.

Who are Shelley Covel Rowland’s Parents?

Shelley Covel Rowland

In 1981, Toby Keith’s wife, Tricia Lucus, was initially captivated by his vibrant and outgoing nature when they first met at an Oklahoma nightclub. Tricia recalls Toby’s larger-than-life presence and confident demeanour, which drew her in immediately. Their connection deepened during a dance, marking the beginning of their romantic relationship. After three years of building a strong bond, Toby and Tricia decided to take the next step in their relationship. On March 24, 1984, they exchanged vows and officially became husband and wife, embarking on a lifelong journey together.

The Story of How Shelley Covel Rowland’s Parents Met

Let’s explore the heartwarming tale of how Toby Keith and his beloved wife, Tricia Lucus, first crossed paths. According to a report from Country Now, their journey began in an Oklahoma nightclub in 1981, where Toby’s magnetic personality caught Tricia’s attention. At just 19 and 20 years old, respectively, they were drawn to each other, with Toby exuding confidence and charm. Their initial connection blossomed on the dance floor, marking the beginning of their love story. Interestingly, Toby, whose real last name is Covel, balanced working in the oil fields during the day with performing in bars with Easy Money at night. After three years of cherished moments together, Toby and Tricia took the next step in their relationship, exchanging vows on March 24, 1984, and embarking on a beautiful journey together.

Krystal Keith: Shelley Covel Rowland Sister

Shelley Covel Rowland

Krystal Keith, aged 38, is the younger daughter of Toby Keith and Tricia Lucus. She followed her father’s musical path and made a memorable appearance on stage with him at the 2004 CMA Awards, where they performed his hit song “Mockingbird.” In a 2018 interview with iHeart Country, Krystal expressed her lifelong passion for music, citing her upbringing in the industry as a significant influence on her career choice. While acknowledging her father’s profound impact on her musical style, Krystal also draws inspiration from iconic female country artists like Patsy Cline, Martina McBride, and Reba McEntire. In recent years, Krystal’s focus shifted to raising her children, leading to a temporary hiatus in her musical pursuits. She shares two daughters with her husband, Andrew Sandubrae. Despite her busy schedule as a mother, Toby Keith commended Krystal’s vocal talents in a 2017 video, affirming that she still possesses remarkable singing abilities.

Stelen Keith Covel: Shelley Covel Rowland Brother

Shelley Covel Rowland

Stelen Keith Covel, aged 27, is the sole son of Toby Keith and Tricia Lucus. He tied the knot with his wife, Haley Covel, in November 2021, as per a heartfelt post on his Instagram commemorating their wedding anniversary. Stelen’s LinkedIn profile reveals his profession as a real estate investor, where he holds positions as co-owner or director in various ventures, including establishments like 405 Burger Bar, Hollywood Corners, and Tequila Chulos. In 2014, Stelen shared a nostalgic photo on Instagram, featuring himself as a young boy alongside his father. In the caption, he reflected on his resemblance to his dad, expressing gratitude for the resemblance and acknowledging his father’s influence on him.

Shelley Covel Rowland’s Husband

Shelley Covel Rowland got married to Brian Skaggs in March 2018, after publicly disclosing their relationship status in 2016. Despite her tendency to keep her personal life private, Shelley, known not just as Toby Keith’s daughter but also as a designer, shared this milestone with the public through a formal ceremony. While she typically prefers to maintain privacy, details about her marriage to Brian Skaggs are available, suggesting a willingness to share certain aspects of their relationship with the public eye.

Does Shelley Covel Rowland Have any Children?

Shelley Covel Rowland

Indeed, Shelley Covel Rowland is a mother. Following her marriage to Brian Skaggs, the couple joyfully welcomed two children into their family. However, specific details about their children, including their names and birthdates, remain undisclosed to the public.

Shelley Covel Rowland Social Media Presence 

Shelley Covel Rowland

Shelley Covel Rowland, daughter of the renowned American musician Toby Keith Covel, maintains an active presence on social media platform Instagram. Her handle, @srowland21, provides a glimpse into her digital world. However, her account is set to private, restricting access to her Instagram activity exclusively to her approved followers. At present, Shelley Rowland boasts 133 followers, follows 309 accounts, and has shared 981 posts, as per the latest available data in January 2024.

Her Philanthropic Work

Shelley Covel Rowland, along with her family, actively participates in various philanthropic efforts, demonstrating a strong commitment to giving back to their community and supporting causes close to their hearts. One notable initiative they are involved in is the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, where they contribute to honouring the victims of the devastating 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Through their support, they not only pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the tragic event but also contribute to the preservation of their memory and the legacy of resilience that emerged from the tragedy. Shelley and her family’s dedication to philanthropy serves as a testament to their values and their desire to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Toby Keith Net Worth

Toby Keith has undeniably left an indelible mark on the hearts of people worldwide, alongside amassing a considerable fortune from his remarkable accomplishments. With an estimated net worth of $365 million, his financial success speaks volumes about his impact and influence. Delving into his past, Toby pursued higher education with fervor, earning an honours degree during his tenure at Villanova University from 1979 to 1980, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence. Despite his initial aspirations in the oil industry, Toby’s allegiance to his alma mater, the University of Oklahoma, remains unwavering, as he actively supports the Sooner team by attending their games both home and away. Beyond his musical prowess, Toby Keith also harbours a passion for WWE wrestling, as evidenced by his performance of “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American)” during the inaugural TNA Wrestling show on June 19, 2002, in Oklahoma. Additionally, Toby’s interests extend to sports, particularly his love for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, highlighting his multifaceted persona both on and off the stage.

Quick Facts About Shelley Covel Rowland 

  • Shelley Covel Rowland, aged 44, is the eldest daughter of renowned country music artist Toby Keith and his wife Tricia Lucus, born in Oklahoma City on October 21, 1980.
  • Shelley’s close ties to the country music scene stem from her upbringing in a musically inclined family, where she shares a profound connection with her father Toby Keith, a celebrated musician and icon in the industry.
  • Despite maintaining a relatively private presence on social media, Shelley has occasionally made public appearances alongside her family, showcasing their strong bond and familial unity.
  • Shelley’s marriage to Brian Skaggs in March 2018 marked a significant milestone in her personal life, publicly disclosing their relationship status in 2016 and sharing their joy with their loved ones.
  • Alongside her family, Shelley actively participates in philanthropic endeavours, notably supporting initiatives such as the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to their community and honouring the memory of the victims of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.


In conclusion, the article provides an insightful glimpse into the life and background of Shelley Covel Rowland, daughter of country music legend Toby Keith. From her familial connections to her personal milestones and philanthropic endeavours, Shelley emerges as a multifaceted individual with a strong sense of family and community. Despite maintaining a private demeanour, her occasional public appearances and contributions to charitable causes highlight her commitment to making a positive impact. Through her story, we gain a deeper appreciation for the values and experiences that shape her identity as a daughter, wife, mother, and active participant in the world around her.

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