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Lakeisha Mims (Yo Gotti Ex-Wife) Age, Biography, Height and More

Lakeisha Mims, Yo Gotti’s ex-wife, is a famous figure. Lakeisha Mims and Yo Gotti married on May 17, 1989, marking a milestone in their relationship.

She was known for her charisma and public appearance as well as her relationship with Yo Gotti. They showed profound understanding and devotion by marrying on that date.

Lakeisha Mims is known for her charisma and unique talents beyond her job as a celebrity’s ex-wife. Her story with Yo Gotti goes beyond celebrity gossip, emphasising their shared path and commitment.

Who is Yo Gotti’s ex-wife Lakeisha Mims?

As fans and followers followed her romance with 41-year-old American rapper Yo Gotti, Lakeisha Mims rose to fame. The details of Lakeisha and Yo Gotti’s divorce are shrouded in seclusion.

Lakeisha Mims keeps her personal life private, limiting information about her whereabouts, occupation, and other personal data. Lakeisha’s life is shrouded in mystery due to her modest profile, revealing little about her relationship with Yo Gotti.

Lakeisha’s little public exposure about her personal life intrigues and begs the question of why she keeps her privacy. In an age when celebrities’ personal lives are scrutinised, Lakeisha’s retreat shows her preference for a more quiet life.

Lakeisha Mims Wiki/Bio

NameLakeisha Mims
Date of birth1980s
Birth placeUnited States
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex- HusbandYo Gotti
Famous ForBeing the ex-wife of Yo Gotti
Net Worth$1 Million

Relationship Status

Yo Gotti, Lakeisha Mims’ husband, brought her joy. The pair kept their first encounter and love journey private. The crucial moment came on May 17, 1989, when Lakeisha and Yo Gotti exchanged wedding vows after dating for years.

The couple lived happily and understandingly for years afterward. Lakeisha and Yo Gotti built their marriage on shared memories and experiences. They enjoyed life together and formed a strong bond that reflected their love over these years.

While the specifics of their early connection may remain a private chapter, the public acknowledgment of their wedding date serves as a testament to the enduring commitment that Lakeisha Mims and Yo Gotti once shared, making May 17, 1989, a significant milestone in their journey of love and partnership.

Lakeisha Mims Childrens

Yo Gotti and Lakeisha Mims had a son and two daughters, Kayla and Mariah. The parents nurtured their children by embracing parenthood. Gotti worked hard to be a good parent, supporting, guiding, and loving his family.

Lakeisha and Yo Gotti worked together to teach their children morals, build a sense of belonging, and make memories. They showed a devotion to their children’s well-being and upbringing through their family ties. Lakeisha and Yo Gotti accepted the challenges and rewards of parenting via shared experiences, family traditions, and daily parenting.

The couple’s commitment to their children showed their value of family and a stable, caring home. Even though they struggled, Lakeisha and Yo Gotti prioritised their parenting roles, leaving an indelible effect on their children.

Has Yo Gotti spoken about his divorce with Lakeisha?

Despite his fame in the entertainment world and on social media, Yo Gotti has opted to keep his family life private. His social media profiles mostly emphasise professional and business content, separating his public and private lives.

Gotti resists posting personal stories and family photos on social media, unlike many superstars. This conscious decision to keep his family private shows a desire to establish a gap between fame and family.

Even though Gotti and Lakeisha are famous, they have two children. Yo Gotti’s public comments have rarely discussed their relationship, especially during divorce, adding to the mystery of their split. The musician, known as Mario Sentell Giden Mims, has chosen to conduct his divorce privately, prompting fans and followers to speculate about why.

Lakeisha Mims Ex-Husband Yo Gotti Career 

Lakeisha Mims became famous as Yo Gotti’s ex-wife, but her career is unknown. Yo Gotti has had a major impact on Trap Gangsta and hip-hop music. His Inevitable Entertainment CDs include “Block Burning,” “Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game,” and “Self-Explanatory.”

He signed with TVT and released his fourth studio album, “Life,” in 2003. This album’s debut hit was “Dirty South Soldiers,” a Lil John duet.The 2005 drama “Hustle & Flow” soundtrack included “Full Time.”

Yo Gotti released “Back 2 da Basics,” his fifth album, under the same label in 2006. The album peaked third on US Rap charts, proving the artist’s endurance. Yo Gotti started his hip-hop career with 22 mixtapes between March 2006 and July 2017.

His 2012 Polo Grounds/RCA CD, “Live from the Kitchen,” was his second.

This album ranked fourth on US Rap charts and twelfth on Billboard 200. Commercial success was attained when the album sold over 16,000 copies in its first week and 36,000. With songs like “Women Lie,” “Men Lie,” “We Can Get It On,” “Single,” and “5 Star,” the album showed Yo Gotti’s range and appeal in the music industry.

Lakeisha Mims Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Hair TypeCurly

Lakeisha Mims on Social Media

She keeps a modest presence on social media and uses discretion in personal and professional concerns. She may have kept her social media accounts secret to distance herself from celebrities.

Lakeisha’s limited profile and prospective social media restrictions demonstrate her privacy. In an era when people’s personal lives, especially celebrities’, are routinely scrutinised, she stays quiet on social media to avoid the limelight.

Lakeisha Mims controls her life narrative by retaining a modest online presence, allowing her to negotiate celebrity on her terms. This chosen approach adds mystery to her persona and emphasises her need for privacy.

Net Worth

The famous ex-wife has a $1 million net worth, but her income source is unknown. In 2022, her ex-husband had $16 million in wealth.

The veteran celebrity ex-wife’s distinct wealth gap from her ex-husband implies different financial landscapes. This financial disparity adds fascination to their itineraries, allowing speculation about their post-divorce professional and financial choices. Despite her concealed income, the celebrity ex-wife’s financial status represents individual success and financial independence in their prior partnership.


Q1. Who is Lakeisha Mims?

A1. Yo Gotti’s ex-wife is Lakeisha Mims. They married on May 17, 1989.

Q2. How is Lakeisha Mims known outside of being Yo Gotti’s ex-wife?

A2. Lakeisha Mims is known for her personality and special qualities beyond being a celebrity’s ex-wife. She keeps her personal and professional life private.

Q3. How many kids did Lakeisha Mims have with Yo Gotti?

A3. Yo Gotti and Lakeisha Mims had a son and two daughters, Kayla and Mariah.

Q4. Lakeisha Mims and Yo Gotti divorced when?

A4. Divorce specifics are unknown for Lakeisha Mims and Yo Gotti.

Q5. Has Yo Gotti discussed his Lakeisha Mims divorce?

A5. Yo Gotti rarely talks about his family, especially his divorce from Lakeisha Mims. He posts mostly professional information on social media.


In conclusion, the piece discusses Yo Gotti’s ex-wife Lakeisha Mims’ relationship, marriage, and family. Lakeisha, noted for her charisma, keeps her personal life private. The piece discusses her secretive identity, parenting with Yo Gotti, and subtle social media use. Lakeisha’s $1 million net worth makes her post-divorce journey intriguing. The story explores Lakeisha Mims’ mysterious life and the difficult line between fame and privacy in celebrity life.

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