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Who Is Mía Ener Álvarez?

Mía Ener Álvarez entered the world in 2014, her mother being Valeria Quiroz. Long-standing whispers suggested that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez might be her father, stemming from a brief fling between Valeria and Canelo in 2014-2015. Mia’s exact birth date remains unclear, though some speculate it aligns with the period Valeria was involved with Canelo.

Canelo, adorned with fame and wealth, has magnetised the attention of numerous striking women over time. Prior to settling with Fernanda Gomez, he found himself in high-profile relationships with several others.

Valeria’s past entanglement with El Chapo, the notorious drug lord, added a layer of complexity to her connection with Canelo. Although their liaison was brief, they strove to keep any offspring under wraps. Yet, Canelo’s history of romantic involvements made it inevitable for rumours to swirl in the media.

Reports eventually surfaced about their alleged daughter, but Canelo staunchly refuted them at every opportunity. This only fueled the fire of speculation, turning Mia’s paternity into one of the most talked-about rumours of 2015.

The boxer never directly addressed the accusations, opting instead to repeatedly emphasise his acknowledged children: daughters Emily Cinnamon Alvarez and María Fernanda Álvarez, and son Saúl Adiel Álvarez.

Naturally, curiosity persists regarding the validity of the rumours. Canelo’s persistent denials only seemed to amplify the speculation. Even today, many still entertain the notion that Canelo Alvarez may indeed have four children.

Mía Ener Álvarez Biography

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez, born on October 12, 2005, marks the first entry into fatherhood for Alvarez Canelo, now 18 years old. While glimpses of their bond surface occasionally, Canelo remains tight-lipped about the specifics of Emily’s birth. What we do know is that she entered the world in Mexico on the aforementioned date.

Emily’s origins trace back to Canelo’s teenage years in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where he crossed paths with her mother, Karen Beltran. Their youthful romance culminated in Emily’s birth amid Canelo’s burgeoning boxing career.

Karen, now known as Anny Beltran, stands as Canelo’s inaugural romantic involvement. Born on September 5, 1990, in Mexico, she’s since carved a path in acting and Instagram influencing, boasting a substantial following.

While Karen leads a low-key life in Guadalajara, Jalisco, details regarding her current relationship status or marital status remain elusive. However, beyond Emily, Karen proudly embraces motherhood with another child, Tadeo Beltran, whom she showcases proudly on social media platforms.

Mía Ener Álvarez Wiki

Full NameEmily Saul Alvarez
NicknameCinnamon, Princess
Date of Birth12 October 2005
Age18 years old
EthnicityLatin American
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsSaul Canelo Alvarez and Karen Beltran
SiblingsMaria Fernanda Alvarez, Saul Adiel Alvarez, Mia Ener Alvarez
Famous forFirst Daughter of Saul Canelo Alvarez

Mia Ener Alvarez Education

Specifics regarding Mia Ener Alvarez’s schooling remain undisclosed to the public. Given her young age, it’s probable that Mia attends a neighbourhood school in Los Angeles, where she receives the essential education and support crucial for her ongoing learning and personal growth.

How Old Is Mía Ener Álvarez? Mía Ener Álvarez Age

Mía Ener Álvarez’s life remains remarkably private, to the extent that even her birthdate is not publicly known.

However, based on available information, it’s inferred that she was born roughly between 2014 and 2015, coinciding with Canelo’s relationship with Valeria.

This leads to a reasonable assumption that Mía is approximately 8 or 9 years old.

Mía Ener Álvarez Parents

Mía Ener Álvarez entered the world as the daughter of Canelo Álvarez and his former partner, Valeria Quiroz. Raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, she primarily resided with her mother following her parents’ split.

Despite their separation, Mía maintained a strong bond with both her parents. She frequently enjoyed quality time with her father, a celebrated professional boxer. Notably, he etched his name in history as the first and only boxer to claim undisputed champion status at super middleweight, holding the WBA (Super), WBC, and Ring magazine titles since 2020.

Who Is Mía Ener Álvarez’s Mother?

Mía Ener Álvarez’s mother, Valeria Quiroz, is known in some circles as La Gringuita Quiroz, a Mexican model.

While there’s no official confirmation or documentation of a relationship between Canelo and Valeria, reports suggest they may have had a brief affair during Canelo’s relationship with news reporter Marisol Gonzalez around 2014 and 2015.

Some of Canelo’s fans see his association with Valeria unfavourably, fueled by rumours linking her to Chapo Guzman, a Mexican drug lord.

Mia Ener Alvarez siblings

Mia Ener is the youngest among three siblings, with two sisters and a brother. Despite having different mothers, they all share Canelo as their father.

Numerous reports claim that Canelo has a romantic history with multiple partnerships, both past and present. He had a love relationship with his high school sweetheart, Karen Beltran, in 2007.

Their relationship bore their first child, daughter Emily Cinnamon Alvarez. However, like his other romances, their love didn’t stand the test of time.

Canelo was also betrothed to Miss Mexico Universe 2003 and sports writer Marisol González of Televisa Deportes. At last, in May 2021, Canelo married Fernanda Gómez, his lifelong companion, at the Guadalajara Cathedral in Mexico.

Why Did Canelo Alvarez Deny Being Mia’s Father?

As the story goes, Mia Alvarez supposedly came into the world through Canelo Alvarez and his then-girlfriend Valeria Quiroz. However, whispers suggest that at the time of Mia’s arrival, Canelo was romantically linked with news reporter Marisol Gonzalez.

Allegedly, Canelo was keen on keeping the news of Mia’s birth under wraps to avoid tarnishing his reputation with such rumours. In an interview with Graham Bessinger, Canelo even corrected any mention of having four children, asserting he only had two daughters and a son.

Some reports indicate that Canelo eventually acknowledged Mia as his daughter after Valeria pursued legal action. However, as of this publication, there’s no explicit statement from Canelo confirming his paternity, although Mia is listed as his daughter on his Wikipedia page.

Valeria, on her part, has remained silent on the matter of her daughter’s paternity, choosing to maintain privacy regarding her personal life and her child. According to La Verdad, Mia’s mother is now married, and Mia reportedly shares her upbringing with half-siblings.

Who Is Canelo Alvarez?

Santos Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez Barragán, born on July 18, 1990, emerges as a Mexican pugilist renowned for his exceptional prowess within the Light Middleweight category. He transcends the ordinary realm of boxers; he stands tall as a quadruple world champion, hailed universally as the paramount pound-for-pound combatant on the planet.

The array of accolades adorning Canelo’s illustrious career is nothing short of breathtaking. He has ascended to claim numerous world titles across four distinct weight divisions, spanning from the ethereal confines of light middleweight to the lofty realm of light heavyweight. What distinguishes him is his singular feat of attaining undisputed champion status in the super middleweight class, wrestling titles from eminent governing bodies such as the WBA (Super), WBC, Ring magazine, IBF, and WBO.

His pugilistic artistry unfolds akin to an enchanting symphony. Canelo’s hallmark lies in his incisive counterpunching, artfully exploiting openings in his adversaries’ defences while gracefully evading their retaliatory salvos with deft manoeuvres of his head and torso. Furthermore, his corporeal assaults resonate with formidable force, bestowing upon him the mantle of a dreaded adversary within the squared circle.

As of May 2022, Canelo reigns supreme atop the pantheon of pugilism, as attested by the authoritative rankings of BoxRec and the esteemed Boxing Writers Association of America. ESPN, TBRB, and The Ring corroborate this assertion by lauding his eminence, positioning him amidst the elite echelons of pugilists worldwide and within the super-middleweight domain.

Despite Canelo’s abstention from the heavyweight stratum inhabited by luminaries such as Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, his accomplishments resonate resoundingly. And perhaps, in a future not distant, Mia shall proudly lay claim to him as her progenitor, thereby augmenting the lustre of his incomparable legacy.

Mía Ener Álvarez Net Worth

Amidst the ambiguity shrouding Mía Ener Álvarez’s financial standing, her paternal figure, Mexican pugilist Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, undeniably commands a substantial fortune. Canelo’s ascendancy in the Light Middleweight category has yielded considerable pecuniary rewards over the course of his professional journey.

Per records from Celebrity Net Worth, Canelo boasts an astonishing fortune of $200 million. The bulk of his fiscal prosperity can be traced back to a lucrative 5-year, $365 million pugilistic pact sealed on October 17, 2018, in collaboration with DAZN, coupled with the promotional endeavours spearheaded by Oscar De La Hoya. This contractual agreement encompassed an impressive tally of eleven pugilistic encounters, inaugurating with his faceoff against Rocky Fielding in December 2018.

Outside the constraints of his contract, Canelo has always possessed exceptional financial skills. He earned an impressive $95 million between June 2018 and June 2019, and then another $40 million in the next 12 months. His financial gains remained strong, totaling an estimated $90 million from June 2020 to June 2021.

Canelo, who is regarded as one of the greatest athletes in pugilism, has made a lot of money in the boxing world, which emphasises his significance as a leader in the sport both inside and beyond the ring.

What’s the Origin of Mía Ener Álvarez’s Name?

While Mía’s parents haven’t shared the inspiration behind their daughter’s name, we’ve discovered that it has Greek roots. The name Mía carries various meanings, including “ocean goddess,” “queen of the sea,” or even “guardian of justice.” It’s derived from names like Maria, Amelia, and Maya. As for her middle name, Ener, it translates to “only army.”

Where Is Mía Ener Álvarez Now?

There’s been some buzz lately suggesting that Mía Ener Álvarez’s mother might have opted for a quieter, more secluded lifestyle away from the limelight. Rumours swirl that she deliberately stepped back from the entertainment scene to focus solely on raising her daughter in a more private setting.

The mysterious nature of her background only adds to the intrigue surrounding her and her mother’s retreat from the world of showbiz.


Mía Ener Álvarez’s background is shrouded in speculation and mystery, with rumours suggesting she is the daughter of renowned boxer Canelo Álvarez and Valeria Quiroz. Born around 2014-2015, details about Mía’s life, including her exact birthdate and schooling, remain undisclosed. She is the youngest among Canelo’s children and has two sisters and a brother from his other relationships. Despite persistent rumours, Canelo has denied being Mía’s father, leading to ongoing speculation about her paternity. Mía’s mother, Valeria Quiroz, is a Mexican model, and her current whereabouts and lifestyle remain private. The origins of Mía’s name hint at Greek roots, with “Mía” meaning variously “ocean goddess” or “guardian of justice,” and “Ener” translating to “only army.” Rumours suggest that Mía and her mother have retreated from the public eye, opting for a more secluded lifestyle.


  • Mía Ener Álvarez’s exact birthdate is unknown, but she was likely born around 2014-2015.
  • She is speculated to be the daughter of Canelo Álvarez and Valeria Quiroz, though Canelo has denied paternity.
  • Mía is the youngest among Canelo’s children and has two sisters and a brother from his other relationships.
  • Her mother, Valeria Quiroz, is a Mexican model.
  • Mía’s schooling details are undisclosed, but it’s presumed she attends a neighbourhood school in Los Angeles.
  • Despite rumours, there’s no explicit confirmation of Canelo’s paternity, and Mía’s mother has remained silent on the matter.
  • Mía and her mother are rumoured to have retreated from the public eye for a more private lifestyle.


How old is Mía Ener Álvarez?a

Mía’s exact birthdate is unknown, but she was likely born around 2014-2015, making her approximately 8 or 9 years old.

Who are Mía Ener Álvarez’s parents?

Mía is speculated to be the daughter of Canelo Álvarez, the boxer, and Valeria Quiroz, a Mexican model.

Why did Canelo Álvarez deny being Mía’s father?

Allegedly, Canelo denied paternity to avoid tarnishing his reputation amidst rumours surrounding his relationship with Mía’s mother, Valeria Quiroz.

Where is Mía Ener Álvarez now?

Mía’s current whereabouts are undisclosed, with rumours suggesting that she and her mother have retreated from the public eye for a more secluded lifestyle.

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