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Norma Gibson: Know about Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife and her Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, and Bio

Are you familiar with Norma Gibson? She was the first spouse of our beloved actor, singer, and songwriter Tyrese Gibson. Tyrese is an incredible entertainer who does incredible things. I am referring to his hit R&B songs and his noteworthy roles, particularly in the “Fast and Furious” films as Roman Pearce. Really intriguing. 

Norma Gibson Early life 

Now, let’s take a brief look at Norma Gibson’s past. Imagine this: 1981 saw the birth of Norma Mitchell in London, United Kingdom. Indeed, she possesses British citizenship. Here’s an intriguing twist: her mother is from Israel, so she has a unique blend of ancestry. She is hence kind of a mixed-race gal.

Norma Gibson Age

Norma Gibson Age

On March 1, 1981, Norma Gibson was welcomed by the picturesque streets of London. She is a living tribute to the diverse experiences and narratives that have woven together her fascinating journey at the age of 42. Every day, she penned a lyric in her exquisite book that painted a picture of a life as varied and wealthy as the city where her story first started.


NameNorma Gibson
Date of birth March 1, 1981
BirthplaceLondon, England
Age42 years old
Birth signpisces
NationalityAmerican, Israeli
Net worth$20,000-$50,000 (approx)

Norma Gibson Career 

In contrast to her profession, Norma Gibson’s relationship with American actor and musician Tyrese Gibson is newsworthy.

My 2018 revelation drew eyebrows. Despite a court judgement for child support from her marriage to Tyrese, Norma Gibson didn’t want to work. She worked for their child’s well-being but wasn’t happy. Her legal team argued in court that her seven-hour day caring for their toddler makes her busy and “living life.” Quite surprising, huh?

Norma Gibson Relationship Status

Norma Gibson became pregnant after marrying Tyrese Gibson in 2007. Gibson, an actor and singer, married Norma first. His best-known role is in “Fast & Furious.” Norma’s marriage to Tyrese Gibson enhanced her social standing. This relationship produced their daughter Shayla Gibson.

Prior to their 2009 divorce petition, their marital affairs were private. In 2015, Norma Gibson revealed the complexities of child custody and her ex-husband’s mistreatment.

The couple’s chaotic divorce gripped American media, including multiple periodicals. Ex-romants fought over custody of their cherished kids. The judge gave Shayla Gibson’s mother interim custody. Tyrese Gibson was furious about this ruling. Gibson hired a private investigator to discreetly monitor his ex-wife and children, sparking the court ruling.

Norma Gibson said her ex-husband beat her when pregnant with Shayla. The ex-spouse was accused of more serious physical abuse of the child. Gibson admitted hitting Shayla’s backside but denied his ex-wife’s other claims.

The actor must keep 100 yards from his ex-wife and kids.

In 2017, Gibson announced his marital goals in an interview, changing the legal process. He married Norma because of their impending parenthood and her dissatisfaction. “I married you to keep you in the nation,” Gibson said. As we were happily married, I never married you. You Londoner. We were having a baby, so I married you to avoid going to London to watch it.”

This novel covers a marriage, celebrity, legal battle, and personal epiphany.

Tyrese and Norma Gibson first meet

The actor’s ex-wife met Tyrese in London in 2002 by chance. Her academic focus is undisclosed. The two spirits joined, beginning a love adventure.

A courtship that sparked love led to life-changing decisions. Norma moved to LA with Tyrese after meeting him. Norma Gibson and her partner quietly built their relationship after this choice.

Their love developed, so they upgraded their relationship. Their 2007 private wedding sanctified their love after this progress. Norma and her ex-husband appeared together in public but kept their marriage private.

The same year, they had Shayla Gibson, changing their story. Their love was tarnished by their marital discord. Discord peaked in 2009 when the pair divorced.

Their story shows the complexity of human relationships, from lucky beginnings to the complex emotions that bonded and shattered them.

Shayla Somer Gibson, the daughter of Tyrese Gibson, is currently in the custody of her father 

Tyrese and Norma Gibson fought over Shayla after their 2014 divorce. Their tumultuous post-marital relationship usually concerns their daughter.

Media has covered Tyrese and Norma’s custody battle for Shayla Gibson, a little kid. The public is curious about their child custody fights. Courts decide who raises the girl.

A complex legal matter incorporates emotions and legalities. A crucial PMG report shows Tyrese Gibson’s feelings. He’s unhappy since the mother got custody unfairly in 2014. This mindset was accentuated by Norma Gibson’s apparent disregard for court child-care directives.

Norma Gibson left her 11-year-old daughter with a residential community acquaintance in early January to travel abroad. Tyrese claims in a recent court petition that Norma “mortgaged” his daughter’s custody to her buddy before her international trip. This was to protect the child while she was away.

In an unusual move, Tyrese Gibson offered to keep his child while her mother was gone to protect her. The problem is hard even with his help. Norma departed for various reasons, neglecting their daughter. Beyond laws, their dilemma involves parenting and their daughter’s emotional needs.

Their custody battle covers parental devotion, judicial battles, and post-divorce issues. Their narrative illustrates the delicate balance between personal rights, family responsibility, and life-changing choices.

Norma Gibson Height, and Weight

Norma Gibson, 42, has filled her life with stories. She weighs 117 pounds and is 5’7″. Her face has a captivating charm and statuesque elegance that rivals the most discerning beauty standards.

Magnetic Norma’s intriguing aura may accentuate a model’s face. Her face features a mix to give a memorable look. Her eyebrows and eyes intrigue.

The dark wavy hair of Norma conveys her life. Each curl reflects her strength and energy, revealing her personality. She has thick hair and brown eyes that reflect her experiences.

Not only her look shows her soul. Norma’s figure reveals her health and wellness ethic. Self-care shows in her body, eliciting admiration.

Since she married an actor, Norma Gibson’s life was bound to Hollywood. She has experienced celebrity marriage’s ups and downs, adding to her story.

Each curve in Norma Gibson’s life is a brushstroke in her masterpiece.

Norma Gibson Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Hair TypeCurly
Body Measurements35 – 29 – 36

All Information Regarding Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife, Norma Gibson 

Norma Mitchell’s romance with Tyrese Gibson made headlines. Love made Norma famous. Tyrese Gibson was Norma Gibson’s second husband after her divorce.

Norma Gibson, Tyrese Gibson’s wife, was important to him. Her story, which overlapped with Tyrese’s, captivated fans and sparked interest in their connection.

Conflict and sadness started Norma’s second marriage. Her first marriage ended due to domestic abuse, fights, and harassment. Norma divorced her first husband because respect escaped her and arguments constantly coming up. This life-changing decision started Tyrese Gibson’s new chapter.

Early challenges were apparent in their partnership. Though hopeful and committed, their second marriage failed due to human links. Their shared past, expectations, and experiences threaten their relationship.

Tyrese Gibson’s 2007 marriage produced Shayla Gibson.

Their baby, a symbol of new beginnings, did not stop their separation. Couple confronted a crossroads a few months after their baby was born when their links broke. This painful breakup ended a chapter of shared aims and objectives.

In retrospect, Norma Mitchell and Tyrese Gibson’s story reveals the delicate nature of relationships, including the highs and lows of connection, struggle, and the profound impact that personal choices can have on two connected lives.

Where Is Norma Gibson Now?

Norma Gibson requested anonymity during her custody struggle with the “Fast and Furious” star. Her ex-husband remarried Samantha Lee in 2017. Tyrese and Samantha Lee divorced in December 2020 after their daughter Soraya Lee Gibson was born.

Jaleel White, “Family Matters,” performs a Tyrese and Norma Gibson homage. He fought custody with his ex-partner, Bridget Hardy, throughout his voyage. But time changed their story, resulting in shared accountability. As co-guardians of Samaya White, Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy face life’s obstacles.

Their narratives show how individual adversities, legal systems, and relationships are interconnected. These narratives capture the human condition, where one person’s actions affect many. Their stories show blended families’ challenges, the need for balance, and accomplishment amid suffering.

Interesting Facts About Norma Gibson

  • Birth and background of Norma Gibson, born March 1, 1981, in London, is British. She is mixed-race due to her Israeli mother.
  • Romance with Tyrese Gibson: Norma married actor and musician Gibson in 2007, making their romance public. An acrimonious divorce in 2009 was marked by custody fights and allegations of maltreatment and assault.
  • After their 2014 divorce, Norma Gibson and Tyrese fought a public custody fight over their daughter, Shayla Gibson. Private investigators, physical abuse charges, and court judgments giving Norma interim custody strained relations between the ex-spouses.
  • Personal Appearance: Norma Gibson, 42, is 5’7″ and weighs 117 pounds. Brown eyes, black wavy hair, and 35-29-36 dimensions make her attractive. Her appearance shows her fitness and wellbeing commitment.
  • Status and Anonymity: Norma Gibson has kept a low profile during her custody battle with Tyrese. Tirese remarried after their divorce, but Norma’s location and personal life remain private. Despite the difficulties and legal fights, Norma has chosen to live anonymously after divorce.


Q1. Who is  Norma Gibson?

A1. In London’s embrace, Norma Mitchell breathed her first breath, weaving her experiences from Israel.

Tyrese’s ex-wife, a chapter,

Her journey unfolds amid joy and tribulation.

Q2. What caused Norma and Tyrese Gibson’s divorce?

A2. The lovely vows of love were spoken in 2007.

Shadows came, breaking peace.

Many accused of torture and anguish.

A legal struggle left scars and stains.

Q3. What does Norma Gibson look like?

A3. The graceful 5’7″ woman weighs 117 pounds and has a delicate embrace.

Charming brown eyes and wavy brown hair

A visual caress exposed her essence.

Q4. How did Tyrese meet Norma?

A4. Their souls took fire in 2002, as fate conspired in London streets.

Love grew, decisions were made, and they moved to Los Angeles.

Q5. What occurred in their daughter’s custody battle?

A5. A story about courts, emotions, and conflict, featuring Shayla in the midst of life.

The topic of custody disputes is a difficult one with many complexities.


Norma’s love story with Tyrese and shadows began with London’s embrace.

Custody battles and their tangled rhymes endure.

She is 42, graceful, with brown eyes and a calm hug.She finds serenity in the darkness as love’s illusions vanish.Love’s twists and turns await Tyrese in a new chapter.Anonymous Norma. A touching conclusion to her ordeal.

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