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Shaun Holguin (Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband) , Age, Bio, Career, Height and More

Shaun Holguin became famous as a Los Angeles Police Department officer and Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband. Through his marriage to Jodie Sweetin, he is known outside of law enforcement for his showbiz connections. Shaun Holguin’s profile has been related to his LAPD career and his marriage to the famous actress.

Quick Facts About shaun holguin

NameShaun Holguin
Date of birthJune 29th, 1978
Birth placeHuntington Beach, California
Age45 years old
ProfessionPolice Officer
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneMoonstone
Lucky ColourSilver
Marital StatusMarried
DivorceJodie Sweetin

Shaun Holguin Biography

American police officer Shaun Holguin was known for his work and as a former spouse. Born in Huntington Beach, California, on June 29, 1978, Shaun is rooted in America’s diversity. In Los Angeles, he embraces his Caucasian and American heritage. Shaun is closely related to his Cancer family, including Ruben R Holguin, Marsha M Ayers, and Eric Holguin. At 45, Shaun has many life experiences, including fond childhood memories with his parents and siblings. Despite his fame, Shaun Holguin keeps his personal life private. This discretion makes his story mysterious, keeping many details of his life from the internet.


Shaun Holguin was born in Huntington Beach, California, on June 29, 1978. His 45 years reflect the passage of time since his birth. Shaun is completely American, having grown up in his hometown. His birth on June 29, 1978, marked a milestone in his life, and he now has 45 years of experiences, growth, and a unique journey that has shaped him.

Height and Weight

At 5 feet 9 inches, Shaun Holguin exudes confidence and resilience. His well-proportioned 58 kg body shows a disciplined lifestyle and attention to physical health. Shaun’s height-weight combination shows he prioritises a healthy lifestyle, which benefits his health. Fitness dedication frequently indicates a person’s health-conscious lifestyle, which is excellent.


While data regarding Shaun Holguin’s work life are scarce, his marriage to Jodie Sweetin, a famous American actress, increased his public profile. Jodie, well known for Full House, has had great acting success. However, her repeated failed marriages and addiction have drawn national attention. The attention on Jodie’s personal path has unwittingly highlighted Shaun Holguin’s life and his relationship with the famous actress.

Personal Life

Shaun met actress Jodie Sweetin in the late 2000s, starting a new chapter in their lives. In 2001, Holguin proposed to Sweetin at Santa Monica’s iconic Casa Del Mar, deepening their romance. This beautiful gesture led to their wedding at The First Congregational Church in Los Angeles on July 27, 2002.

The wedding was colourful and full of love and joy. D.J. Tanner from Fuller House was the matron of honour, adding nostalgia. Flower girl Natasha Bure, Jodie’s onscreen daughter, provided a sweet and family touch to the party. Their real-life and on-screen lives made the day even more magical.

However, those brilliant wedding day recollections faded with time. Despite their immediate connection and mutual joy, Shaun and Jodie split up. However, their wedding day memories capture a time when love and festivity ruled.

Do Jodie Sweetin and Shaun Holguin have any children? 

No children were part of Shaun Holguin and Jodie Sweetin’s marriage. Sweetin has mothered through romances outside of her marriage to Holguin. The actress is proud of her two daughters from different periods of her life.

Another Sweetin daughter is 2008-born Zoie Laurel May Herpin. The Heroines, including Sweetin’s father Cody, create a unique family life. After that, Jodie had Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle in 2010. Sweetin has more broad family connections because of Beatrix’s father, Morty Coyle.

Though Shaun Holguin did not parent with Jodie, she skillfully navigated motherhood with her daughters and dads’ love and support. These different familial dynamics reveal Sweetin’s complex personal existence, where motherhood transcends relationships.

Shaun Holguin’s Divorce

The talented actress Jodie Sweetin entered rehab after a difficult period of heavy drinking. This difficult time strained her marriage, so her spouse filed for divorce. The divorce was finalised on February 23, 2006, ending a major personal chapter.

Despite the disappointments, Jodie found hope. Her journey changed in December 2008 when she became sober. As she overcame her addiction from her early 20s, the actor transformed. Jodie’s triumph over her personal issues showed her strength and a newfound commitment to a better, more satisfying life.

Jodie Sweetin’s story inspires optimism and constructive transformation. Her story of adversity, addiction, and recovery shows tenacity, growth, and the desire of a better future.

Did Shaun Holguin remarry? 

Shaun Holguin, a Los Angeles police officer, has kept a quiet profile since his divorce from Jodie Sweetin. His personal life after divorce is unknown, making it hard to tell if he remarried. His voyage away from Jodie’s life is discreet, sheltered from curiosity.

Since her 2006 divorce from Holguin, Full House actress Jodie Sweetin has had several love affairs. She married three times:

Mescal Wasilewski: Jodie has been married to Mescal since July 30, 2022.

Jodie was dating Morty Coyle from March 15, 2012, to September 6, 2016, a key era in her love history.

Cody Herpin: Jodie married Cody Herpin from July 14, 2007, to April 20, 2010, adding to her numerous partnerships.

Shaun Holguin’s life remains private while Jodie navigates love and relationships, stressing the different pathways people take after separation. Individual journeys are unique, and Holguin’s is one for personal reflection rather than public examination.

Shaun Holguin Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight58 kg
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourDark Brown

Net Worth

Despite his lack of fame, Shaun Holguin has dedicated himself to law enforcement. His net worth is unknown, however the median police officer income is $62,760. Even though he’s less famous than his ex-wife, Holguin’s police work shows his dedication to public service.

On the other side, Jodie Sweetin, recognized for her acting profession, has acquired notable recognition and success in the public eye. Her career has gained her respect and wealth. As of March 2023, Jodie Sweetin’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. Her talent and longevity in showbiz earned her this financial fortune.

While Shaun’s law enforcement career may not have made him famous or wealthy, his public service is admirable. Jodie’s entertainment prowess has brought her fame and wealth. Their career paths demonstrate the variety of ways people can take to pursue their hobbies and careers.


Q1. Who’s Shaun Holguin?

A1. Los Angeles Police Department officer Shaun Holguin was Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband. His marriage to the famous actress gives him showbiz contacts beyond law enforcement.

Q2. Some quick Shaun Holguin facts?

A2. Born in Huntington Beach, California, on June 29, 1978, Shaun Holguin is 45. A Cancerian American police officer. His lucky number is 6 and he divorced Jodie Sweetin.

Q3. Do Jodie Sweetin and Shaun Holguin have children?

A3. Jodie Sweetin and Shaun Holguin never had children. Jodie’s non-Holguin romances produced Zoie Laurel May Herpin and Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle.

Q4. Shaun Holguin’s vacation?

A4. Officer Shaun Holguin is noted for his LAPD work. His marriage to actress Jodie Sweetin raised his notoriety, yet his career is unknown.

Q5. For what reason did Jodie Sweetin and Shaun Holguin divorce?

A5. Heavy drinking caused Jodie Sweetin to enter recovery, straining her marriage with Shaun Holguin. 


In conclusion, Shaun Holguin’s story, best known as Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband and Los Angeles Police Department officer, is one of personal endurance. Despite his anonymity, Holguin’s law enforcement work is admirable. However, Jodie Sweetin’s entertainment career highlights her troubles with addiction and divorce. The article emphasises the many ways people take to find personal and professional fulfilment by contrasting their careers since their separation.

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