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Kristen Vaganos, a Greek-American actress, writer, and producer, is known for “Bound for Glory,” “Bulge Bracket,” and “I Am Lisa.” A Philadelphia native, Kristen Vaganos was born on May 15.

Kristen Vaganos has built a name for herself in cinema and television as an actress and a creative force behind the scenes. With roles in “Bound for Glory,” “Bulge Bracket,” and “I Am Lisa,” she has enriched the film with her unique performance and creative vision.

Kristen Vaganos, from Philadelphia, gives a distinct viewpoint to her painting, and her successes show how her Greek-American ancestry shaped her. Kristen Vaganos is still revered for her film and television work.


NameKristen Vaganos
Date of birthMay 7, 1996
Birth placeUnited States
Age27 years old
ProfessionActress, Producer, Writer,
Birth SignTaurus
EducationNew York University’s Tisch School of the Arts
Net Worth$3 Million

Early life 

Los Angeles-based actor, writer, and producer Kristen Vaganos has a diverse career. She grew up in Philadelphia in a colourful Greek family before moving to New York City. Kristen earned her BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in three years, demonstrating her talent and drive in the city.

In “I Am Lisa,” a suspenseful vengeance thriller directed by Patrick Rea, Kristen Vaganos made an everlasting impact as Lisa. A sequel has been planned after Peacock’s streaming of the film’s popularity. Kristen’s acting credits include “Obsessed with the Babysitter,” WongFu’s rom-com “Dating After College,” “Dead Wrong” with Rob Schneider, “Bulge Bracket,” and others. Kristen performs improv at UCB.

Kristen Vaganos has produced as well as acted. She helped bring “Bobcat Moretti” to life, starring with Vivica A. Fox, Taryn Manning, Matt Peters, and Oscar-nominee Sally Kirkland. Kristen is producing the sequel to “I Am Lisa” and “Ramona At Midlife,” a female-driven feature film written by renowned writer Brooke Berman and starring Yvonne Woods, Alysia Reiner, and Joel de la Fuente.

Kristen’s artistic journey is fueled by empathy and a desire to reveal actual human behaviour through nuanced and empowered female characters. Kristen dreams of being a celebrity guest judge on the Food Network Channel despite her artistic pursuits. With her dynamic career and creative objectives, Kristen Vaganos proves the power of passion, dedication, and true storytelling in entertainment.


Kristen Vaganos graduated high school with good grades. This accomplishment shows academic diligence, personal growth, and learning. High school is vital for learning academics, life skills, and character. Kristen’s strong grades show resilience and academic success. This achievement lays the groundwork for future success and growth in many areas. Kristen may use high school skills and knowledge to continue studying and discovering themselves after this scholastic milestone.


On May 7, 1996, Kristen Vaganos, 27, was born in the US. Her life is set against the American scenery. Kristen was born on a spring day in 1996 and has embraced the experiences and chances that shaped her. At 27, she is at the crossroads of her past and future goals. Kristen’s age symbolises time and a rich tapestry of personal growth, learning, and different events that shape her life.

Height and Weight

At 5 feet 3 inches, Kristen Vaganos exudes grace and charm. However, 500lbs may be unhealthy for an average-height person. Health requires weight management. Kristen’s physical characteristics make her attractive, assuming proper weight information. She is beautiful beyond appearance, showing her personality, confidence, and individuality. Kristen’s height, weight, and inner attributes give a more complete image of an intriguing and individualistic person.


Famous Greek American actress and producer Kristen Vaganos shows her versatility in the entertainment sector. Her roles in Lifetime’s original films “Mommy Would Never Hurt You” and “Chocolate Covered Christmas” have solidified her prominence in film. Kristen continues to dazzle fans with her different performances, with “My Sweet Holiday” coming out on Christmas Day.

She excelled as Lisa in the vengeance werewolf film “I Am Lisa,” showcasing her talent and screen presence. Kristen has produced with Different Duck Films in addition to her acting work.

Kristen’s productions include “Okay Google,” a future dark comedy, demonstrating her willingness to experiment. Kristen Vaganos’s multifaceted career highlights her acting and artistic talents. Kristen shows what can happen when talent meets adaptability in the dynamic entertainment industry as she makes waves in acting and production.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 3 inches
Hair ColourBrown
Hair LengthBrown
Eye ColourLong

Relationship Status

Love has entered Kristen Vaganos’s life through her boyfriend, Ben Hilzinger. Kristen is an actress and producer, but she also has a relationship with Ben, a drummer who adds rhythm to their relationship. Ben’s hosting of Big Fat Magazine showcases his versatility. Their connection combines common interests, mutual support, and the joys of life together. Ben enriches Kristen’s personal experience as she rises in the entertainment world, creating a harmonic melody of love and shared passions.

Kristen Vaganos on Social Media

Kristen Vaganos has gained popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube in recent months. Her internet fame has grown, with thousands of active fans following her updates. She posts life and work updates on Instagram as @kvaganos. Follow her at @kvaganos on Twitter, where her posts are rising in popularity. Facebook users can find Kristen at @vaganoskristen. This increase in social media engagement shows Kristen’s expanding popularity and her persona and content’s impact on varied online communities. Kristen Vaganos’s digital presence grows as she captivates people across numerous channels, offering a dynamic environment for connection, interaction, and celebrating her entertainment career.

Net Worth

Kristen Vaganos’s career net worth is $3 million. This figure includes her acting, producing, and social media work. Kristen’s net worth shows her career achievement and recognition. It showcases her acting, producing, and digital influence. Kristen Vaganos’s net worth reflects her diversified career and her effect in film, television, and internet platforms as she continues to rise in the entertainment industry.


Q1. Kristen Vaganos—who?

A1. Greek-American actress, writer, and producer Kristen Vaganos appeared in “Bound for Glory,” “Bulge Bracket,” and “I Am Lisa.”

Q2. When and where was Kristen Vaganos born?

A2. Kristen Vaganos was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 15, 1996.

Q3. How much is Kristen Vaganos worth?

A3. Kristen Vaganos’s estimated $3 million net worth reflects her acting, producing, and social media accomplishments.

Q4. Kristen Vaganos’s significant film and TV roles?

A4. Kristen Vaganos has made substantial contributions to film and television, including “Mommy Would Never Hurt You,” “Chocolate Covered Christmas,” and “I Am Lisa.”

Q5. Where did Kristen Vaganos study?

A5. Kristen Vaganos’ BFA in Drama from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts shows her talent and drive.


As an actress, writer, and producer, Kristen Vaganos is a versatile talent. Kristen has left a lasting mark on film and television, from her roles in “I Am Lisa” to her behind-the-scenes work. Her broad educational background and dynamic profession put her at the crossroads of past and future. Kristen’s $3 million net worth shows her financial success and fame. Passion, dedication, and real storytelling are Kristen Vaganos’s strengths as she continues to attract people and grow her internet presence.

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