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Silvana Prince Age Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and Meet Vadhir Derbez’s mother

Over her career, Mexican artist Silvana Torres Prince smoothly portrayed the roles of model, actor, singer, and dancer. She appeared in “El taxista querendón” (1997) and “Ayudame compadre” (1992). She is the mother of famed Mexican musician and actor Vadhir Debrez, adding to her diverse identity.

Silvana gave birth to Vadhir in 1991 while dating Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez. Her narrative is unique since it weaves family and art.

Silvana acted with Mexican greats Otto Sirgo, Margarita Gralia, Leonardo Daniel, and others. In Guadalajara, she studied interior design, ballet, contemporary art, flamenco, jazz, modern dance, singing, and painting. She comes from Cordoba, Veracruz.

Silvana began her career in modelling and commercial photography, working for Giovanni Carlo, Marcelo, Vanity, and others. She then appeared in “The Comedians,” “Anabel,” “Single Dad,” and “The Awful Dreamy Vidita Wild,” demonstrating her versatility.

In 1977, she entered the Miss Jalisco pageant, exhibiting her artistic talent and beauty competition composure. Silvana Torres Prince’s life was committed to the arts, family, and excellence.

Early Life and Career

Silvana Prince

Silvana Prince, a television and film star, has shaped the business. To appreciate her career, one must examine her cinematic and artistic accomplishments. This tour of Silvana’s films and projects shows her numerous talents.

Silvana, from Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico, began her artistic journey with a multidisciplinary education. Guadalajara saw her work in interior design, ballet, contemporary art, flamenco, jazz, modern dance, singing, and painting. A career that flawlessly merged innovation and expression was built on this solid foundation.

Silvana went into modelling and commercial photography early on. Famous brands like Vanity, Marcelo, and Giovanni Carlo sought her out for her beauty and adaptability. These experiences enhanced her beauty and made her an industrial powerhouse.

Along her path, Silvana moved from fascinating photography to exciting cinematic tales. Among her outstanding films are “El taxista querendón” (1997) and “Ayudame compadre” (1992). Silvana used each picture to demonstrate her acting skills and contribute to Mexican cinema.

Silvana Prince made an impression on TV shows like “The Comedians,” “Anabel,” “Single Dad,” and “The Awful Dreamy Vidita Wild.” Her flexibility as an artist shows in her flawless medium transitions.

Silvana Prince’s story is more than just a series of films and shows; it’s about an artist who has woven her abilities and experiences into the cultural fabric. As we examine her filmography, we discover Silvana’s many talents and her lasting impact on entertainment.


NameSilvana Prince
Full NameSilvana Torres Prince
Date of Birth5 October
Birth PlaceCordoba, Veracruz, Mexico
Age55-65 (as in 2023)
Zodiac SignLibra
Relationship StatusSingle
Husband / SpouseEugenio Alexandrino González Derbez (Ex-Boyfriend)
ChildrenVadhir Derbez
Networth$100,000 USD

Silvana Prince Education

Silvana Prince preferred to keep her educational background private when discussing her family. Since Silvana keeps this part of her life hidden, it contributes to her intriguing persona.

Turning to her son Vadhir Derbez, a significant academic milestone occurs. He attended Culver Academies, known for academic achievement and comprehensive growth. Vadhir explored Equestrianism while at the academy, demonstrating his wide interests outside of academia.

Vadhir’s upbringing is enhanced by Culver Academies’ rich tradition and character development. The junction of academia and extracurriculars shows a young person forming his identity in an intellectually stimulating and skill-building setting.

Vadhir’s Culver Academies experience reveals more about his upbringing than Silvana’s. These delicate subtleties weave family, education, and personal development into their complex existence. Silvana’s guarded personal details lend mystery to the drama, piquing curiosity about her unknown life story.

Silvana Prince Later Career

Silvana Prince introduced fresh aspects to her portfolio by appearing in several TV shows. Popular shows include “The Comedians,” “Anabel,” “Single Dad,” and “The Awful Dreamy Vidita Wild.” Silvana’s versatility on television showed as she seamlessly played varied characters, leaving an indelible impact.

Silvana entered beauty pageants in 1977 with “Miss Jalisco 1977.” Silvana made an impact in beauty competitions with her composure and grace outside of performing and television.

Silvana’s three-year solo tour of Mexico in 1987 was a turning point in her career. She wowed spectators with her singing and dancing in this musical journey. Silvana’s theatrical presence became identified with creative quality after working with Vicki Carr, Raul Vale, Enrique Guzman, and Rocio Banquell.

Her career transcended Mexico. Silvana was a successful artist and painter who connected with audiences worldwide. As she travelled the world, her brushstrokes reflected her varied cultural experiences.

Silvana Prince’s art transcends boundaries. Her career showcases her versatility, from television glamour to beauty pageants to solo musical tours. Silvana crossed physical and artistic frontiers as a painter and performer, leaving a legacy that resonates worldwide.

Silvana Prince Personal Life

Silvana Prince Personal Life

Silvana Prince welcomed Vadhir Derbez, her son from a 1990 romance with Eugenio Alexandrino Gonzalez Derbez, on February 18, 1991.

Silvana beams with pride for Vadhir. Their relationship transcends family and is tied to Vadhir’s success as a Mexican musician and actor. Silvana enjoys watching Vadhir’s success, a testament to their shared entertainment path.

Vadhir Derbez launched his career at six on “Derbez en Cuando.” A decade later, aged 10, he appeared in “Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real,” demonstrating his aptitude and versatility.

Vadhir appeared in “Imaginum” (2005), “Ladrones” (2015), “El Mesero” (2020), and “The Seventh Day” (2021) as his career progressed. His acting skills were shown in “Complices al Rescate” (2001) and “De Pocas Pulgas” (2003). In 2016, Vadhir released the EP “Vadhir Derbez” with songs including “Toda La Banda” (2019), “Mala” (2019), “Al Final” (2016), “Te Olvide” (2016), and “Me Haces Sentir” (2016).

Silvana Prince, a loving mother, hails Vadhir’s victories everywhere. She celebrates his music and acting achievements like a loving parent.

After this life-changing event, Silvana’s romantic life seemed to have stabilised. Her private life is kept private, with no weddings or loves. Silvana, ever private, focuses on work and parenting. Her decision to keep her sexual life private helps her reconcile public prominence and private fulfilment.

Prince Had Another Child Before Vadhir Derbez

Silvana Prince lost a baby before the birth of Vadhir on February 18, 1991, an unwritten story in her motherhood. Whether the infant died promptly after birth is lost in personal history.

At six years old, Vadhir Derbez, the irrepressible soul that would later captivate movies and airwaves, dazzled viewers on “Derbez en Cuando.” The early start began an unexpected and wonderful voyage.

Vadhir’s TV appearance increased when he reached double digits. He played a major role in the 2001 TV series “Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real” at age 10, demonstrating his maturity and setting the stage for a promising career.

Vadhir’s canvas was the silver screen as he entered film. His roles in “Imaginum” (2005), “Ladrones” (2015), “El Mesero” (2020), and “The Seventh Day” (2021) showed his range and brilliance.

In addition to acting, Vadhir Derbez sang. The soundtracks of “Complices al Rescate” (2001) and “De Pocas Pulgas” (2003) showed his balanced artistic abilities. His 2016 EP “Vadhir Derbez,” showcasing his singing and songwriter skills, consolidated his music career.

“Toda La Banda” (2019), “Mala” (2019), “Al Final” (2016), “Te Olvide” (2016), and “Me Haces Sentir” (2016) added to Vadhir’s artistic identity with its melodic echoes.

This account of Vadhir Derbez’s victories and setbacks shows us how a multidimensional artist grows. His career’s tenacity and creativity reflect his family’s fortitude and determination.

Silvana Prince Physical Appearance

Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack

Silvana Prince on Social Media

Silvana Prince stays away from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She avoids these virtual environments to find peace and protect her privacy.

Silvana deviates from social media at an age when one’s digital footprint often reveals their existence. She intentionally disengages to live a serene life without the constant updates and digital noise of an online presence.

Silvana’s desire for a peaceful life resonates with individuals who enjoy living beyond the digital spotlight. Social media is a great instrument for connection and self-expression, but Silvana’s intentional distance emphasises privacy and a break from the virtual gaze.

Silvana Prince’s aversion to social media is pleasant in a world where public and private sometimes merge. It represents a peaceful life without online distractions or pressures. Silvana’s intentional stillness reminds us that, in the age of continual connectedness, there is beauty in living a serene life off the grid.

Silvana Prince Net Worth

Silvana Prince Net Worth

The multitalented Silvana Prince has an estimated $100,000 USD net worth. Her skills in modelling, acting, dancing, singing, and painting add to her financial stability.

Silvana’s modelling and acting activities account for most of her income. She has created a mark and resonated with audiences in numerous places, making an unforgettable mark on stage and as a dancer. Her career shows a passion for the arts that has achieved financial success.

Her son Vadhir’s parallel story sets the groundwork for financial success. His $4 million USD net worth is due to his acting skills. Vadhir’s success in the entertainment industry’s competitive and changing terrain is shown by this financial milestone.

Silvana’s many talents have led to financial success. Her impressive net worth comes from her various talents as modelling and acting. Vadhir’s acting career has made him a significant person in the industry and a major financial success in entertainment finance.

As we examine Silvana Prince and Vadhir’s financial journeys, we see that they share dedication, talent, and success. Silvana’s wealth shows her influence in many fields, whereas Vadhir’s proves his acting and entertainment prowess. Mother and son create a dynamic duo whose financial successes match their artistic successes.

Interesting Facts About Silvana Prince

  • Mexican artist Silvana Prince has starred in films including “El taxista querendón” (1997) and “Ayudame compadre” (1992). She models, acts, sings, and dances.
  • Silvana began her career in Guadalajara, studying interior design, ballet, contemporary art, flamenco, jazz, modern dance, singing, and painting.
  • Silvana entered beauty competitions with the 1977 Miss Jalisco pageant, demonstrating her poise outside of acting and television.
  • Silvana Prince is the mother of Vadhir Derbez, a prominent Mexican musician and actor who began his career young and has risen in both fields.
  • Silvana’s estimated net worth of $100,000 USD is due to her modelling, acting, and other talents, but her intentional distance from social media shows her choice for a quiet life.


Q1. Who is Silvana Prince?

A1. Silvana Prince is a Mexican model, actress, singer, and dancer. She appeared in “El taxista querendón” (1997) and “Ayudame compadre” (1992). She is mother to Mexican musician and actor Vadhir Derbez.

Q2. Silvana Prince’s background?

A2. In Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico, Silvana Prince was born on October 5. Interior design, ballet, contemporary art, flamenco, jazz, modern dance, singing, and painting were her Guadalajara studies. After modelling and commercial photography, she became an actress.

Q3. Please describe Silvana Prince’s career.

A3.  Silvana Prince models, photographs commercials, and acts. She featured on “The Comedians,” “Anabel,” “Single Dad,” and “The Awful Dreamy Vidita Wild.” She competed in “Miss Jalisco 1977.” Silvana sang and danced alone in Mexico in 1987.

Q4.  Silvana Prince’s education?

A4. Silvana Prince has not disclosed her education. However, her son Vadhir Derbez attended Culver Academies, noted for academic excellence and progress.

Q5. Who is Vadhir Derbez and what has he accomplished?

A5. Silvana Prince y Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez and Vadhir Derbez. He began acting at six on “Derbez en Cuando” and later performed in “Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real,” “Imaginum,” and “Ladrones.” Vadhir released the 2016 EP “Vadhir Derbez” as a musician.


In conclusion, Silvana Prince is a multi talented Mexican artist who models, acts, sings, and dances. Her 1977 Miss Jalisco pageant to 1987 solo musical tour shows her dedication to the arts. Silvana is proud of her son Vadhir Derbez’s acting and music success. Her private life is mysterious, and her avoidance of social media shows a desire for a quiet life. Silvana’s $100,000 USD net worth comes from her artistic contributions to Mexican entertainment and financial success.

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