graham stephan height

Graham Stephan Height, Age, Bio, Career, Net Worth and Many More

Graham Stephan Height

5 feet 7 inches

Achieving financial freedom is a challenging journey, particularly given the current economic climate. It requires diligent research, unwavering commitment, sound advice from trusted sources, and a steady income. Seeking guidance from a professional financial advisor is one avenue, while turning to online resources like YouTube is another. Among the plethora of creators on the platform, Graham Stephan stands out as a beacon of financial wisdom and insight.

Graham Stephan, a renowned real estate agent and YouTube content creator, has garnered widespread acclaim for his informative and innovative videos on finance, investments, savings, and real estate. His content resonates globally, offering valuable tips and strategies for individuals striving for financial independence. Through his engaging approach and expertise, Stephan has become a trusted resource for those navigating the complexities of wealth management and achieving their financial goals.

Graham Stephan Height and How Tall is Graham Stephan?

graham stephan height

Graham Stephan, the popular YouTuber renowned for his insightful financial advice, stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Beyond his physical stature, Stephan’s influence extends far and wide in the realm of personal finance and real estate.

Despite his modest height, Graham Stephan’s impact on the online community is towering. Through his informative videos and engaging content, he empowers individuals worldwide to take control of their finances and pursue their path to financial freedom.


Full NameGraham Stephan
NicknameGraham, Stephan
Date of Birth22nd April 1990
Graham Stephan Age33 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Place of BirthSanta Monica, California, USA
Current ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
FatherDavid Stephan
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
PartnerSavannah Smiles
ProfessionReal estate investor and agent, entrepreneur, social media influencer and YouTuber
Graham Stephan Net Worth$7 million

Graham Stephan Early life and Education

Graham Stephan’s roots trace back to his birth on April 22nd, 1990, in Santa Monica, California, USA. While details about his mother remain undisclosed, his father, David Stephan, notably contributed his talents to Walt Disney Animation Studios during the ’80s and ’90s, serving as a director, writer, and narrative artist. Although his mother’s occupation is that of a homemaker, Graham’s familial background remains largely private, including information about any siblings he may have. Growing up in California, he pursued his education in local schools before seeking admission to Pepperdine University in Malibu. Despite his aspirations, admission to the university eluded him, leading him to pivot towards a career in real estate.

Undeterred by the setback, Graham redirected his focus towards Los Angeles, California, where he embarked on his journey in the real estate industry. Opting out of the traditional college route, he embraced the opportunities presented by the bustling real estate market, capitalising on his drive and ambition to carve his own path. His decision to forgo higher education in favour of practical experience underscores his entrepreneurial spirit and determination to succeed in a competitive field. Through perseverance and dedication, Graham Stephan navigated the challenges of establishing himself in the real estate realm, laying the foundation for his future endeavours as a prominent figure in the industry.

How old is Graham Stephan?

graham stephan height

Graham Stephan, the popular YouTuber and real estate entrepreneur, currently stands at 33 years old as of the year 2023. Born in Santa Monica, California, he has journeyed through life’s experiences, accumulating knowledge and insights that he shares with his audience through his engaging content. Despite his youthfulness, Graham’s maturity and wisdom shine through in his videos, offering valuable advice on finance, investments, and real estate.

As he continues to evolve and grow, Graham’s impact in the digital space and the real estate industry becomes increasingly pronounced. With each passing year, he leverages his platform to educate and empower others, inspiring them to take control of their financial futures and pursue their dreams with confidence and determination. Through his authenticity and relatability, Graham Stephan has become a trusted mentor and guide for countless individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of personal finance and wealth building.

Graham Stephan’s Early Career and Musical Pursuits

At the tender age of 13, Graham Stephan embarked on his journey into the workforce, taking on the role of an inventory keeper for a marine aquarium proprietor. This early start instilled in him a sense of responsibility and work ethic as he meticulously managed the inventory of exotic fish, capturing their beauty through photography for the aquarium’s website. Despite his young age, Graham displayed a keen eye for detail and a passion for excellence in his duties.

During his teenage years, Graham’s interests extended beyond the confines of the aquarium as he pursued his love for music. Joining a local band as a drummer at the age of 16, he found an outlet for his creativity and energy. Together with his bandmates, Graham honed his musical talents through performances at various cafes and bars in his hometown, embracing the thrill of live music and the camaraderie of being part of a collective artistic endeavour. Through these formative experiences, Graham Stephan laid the foundation for his multifaceted career, blending his entrepreneurial spirit with his creative pursuits.

Graham Stephan YouTube Journey

Source YouTube

After years of dedication and perseverance, Graham Stephan embarked on his journey as a YouTube content creator in 2016, marking a significant milestone in his career. Establishing his primary channel, Graham Stephan, on December 25th, 2016, he has amassed an impressive following, boasting over 3.83 million subscribers, 786 videos, and a remarkable 381 million views. Through this platform, Graham shares insights from his personal experiences and provides updates on financial news, offering valuable guidance to his audience. Additionally, he manages another channel, The Graham Stephan Show, which debuted on April 16th, 2013. With over 845,000 subscribers, more than 100 million views, and 490 videos, this channel primarily features podcasts, offering a different dimension to Graham’s content repertoire.

The Graham Stephan Show presents a more unfiltered approach, focusing on financial-themed discussions and responses to various videos. Embracing a raw structure, Graham addresses a wide array of topics, including reactions to content from fellow YouTubers like PewDiePie, Pokimane, and Tiffany Ma. Through his diverse content offerings and engaging style, Graham Stephan has cultivated a loyal community of viewers eager to learn from his insights and perspectives on finance and beyond.

Graham Stephan Venture into Television

In addition to his ventures in real estate and YouTube, Graham Stephan has explored opportunities in the entertainment industry, particularly in the realm of television. He made a notable appearance as a cast member in the popular Netflix series, Selling Sunset. The show follows a group of real estate agents from The Oppenheim Group as they navigate the competitive world of high-end property sales to affluent clientele.

Graham’s involvement in Selling Sunset provided him with a platform to showcase his real estate expertise and engage with a broader audience through the realm of reality television. While maintaining his focus on financial education and content creation on YouTube, his foray into the entertainment sector added another dimension to his multifaceted career journey, further solidifying his presence in both the real estate and media landscapes.

Physical Appearance

Graham Stephan Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Graham Stephan Weight75 kg
Chest Size37 inches
Waist Size27 inches
Hip Size34 inches
Biceps Size15 inches
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown

Graham Stephan Relationship Status 

graham stephan height

Graham Stephan, the prominent real estate agent and YouTube personality, shares a longstanding relationship with his partner, Savannah Smiles. While Graham isn’t married, he and Savannah have been in a committed relationship since 2019. Savannah, a lifestyle content creator based in Las Vegas, runs her own YouTube channel, previously known as Savannah Smiles and now as Macy Savannah. Her channel, created at the end of 2019, features a variety of content ranging from entertaining reactions to insightful financial advice. With over 52K subscribers and close to 5 million views, Savannah’s channel has gained traction in the YouTube community.

The couple, who have been relatively private about their dating history, have built a life together alongside their beloved cat. Their journey as partners showcases a blend of shared passions, mutual support, and a commitment to personal and professional growth. While Graham and Savannah keep details of their relationship largely out of the public eye, their bond serves as a testament to their shared values and enduring connection.

Real Estate

Once he reached the age of 18, Graham made the pivotal decision to pursue a career in real estate, setting his sights on obtaining his real estate licence. It was a bold move that would soon pay off, as he swiftly dove into the world of property sales. His inaugural success came with the sale of a remarkable property in Beverly Hills, fetching an impressive sum of $3.6 million. This early triumph marked the beginning of a flourishing career in the real estate industry for Graham.

Since that auspicious start, Graham has continued to thrive in the real estate business, accumulating a remarkable track record of success. With his keen business acumen and dedication to his craft, he has facilitated transactions totaling over $125 million in real estate sales. Each deal serves as a testament to his expertise and commitment to excellence, solidifying his reputation as a formidable force in the competitive world of real estate.

Graham Stephan’s Property Portfolio and Automobiles

graham stephan height

Graham Stephan, the popular YouTube personality, made his first foray into real estate investment in 2011 when he purchased his initial home for $60,000. Rather than occupying the property himself, he opted to use it as a rental asset to supplement his income. Additionally, Stephan has expanded his real estate portfolio to include five rental properties across San Bernardino County and Los Angeles, diversifying his investment strategy.

Residing in a spacious 4-bedroom residence in Las Vegas, Nevada, Graham Stephan enjoys the comforts of his home, which he acquired in 2020 for $1.44 million. With a monthly mortgage of $5,075, Stephan balances his investment ventures with the costs associated with homeownership. Notably, his automotive journey began with a 2006 chrome orange Lotus Elise, a purchase made possible by his initial commission from a house sale. Today, he navigates the streets in a sleek black Tesla Model 3, a vehicle he proudly asserts was obtained entirely cost-free.

Graham Stephan on Social Media

As a prominent YouTuber and social media influencer, Graham Stephan maintains an active presence across various platforms. On Instagram, he engages with a sizable audience of 335,000 followers, sharing glimpses of his life and insights into his journey. Similarly, on Twitter, his account boasts 30.9 thousand followers, where he connects with fans and shares updates on his latest endeavours. Additionally, Graham maintains a Facebook page with 8,000 followers, further expanding his reach and engaging with his community.

Of course, Graham’s primary platform is YouTube, where he has garnered significant traction. His main channel, “Graham Stephan,” boasts an impressive subscriber base of 2.87 million, while his second channel has amassed 658,000 subscribers. Through his content, Graham offers a transparent view of his successes, failures, and life experiences, providing valuable insights and inspiration to his viewers and followers.

Graham Stephan Net Worth

graham stephan height

Graham Stephan’s financial journey has been nothing short of impressive, with his estimated net worth standing at $7 million in 2022. Starting from his first job as an inventory keeper, where he earned between $20 and $35 per hour, he swiftly transitioned into the real estate industry. Since then, Stephan has made significant strides, boasting over $125 million in property sales by 2022. Notably, his rental properties contribute substantially to his wealth, generating approximately $1.6 million in net worth annually.

With a keen eye for investment opportunities and a knack for strategic decision-making, Graham Stephan has carved out a lucrative niche for himself in the realm of real estate. His dedication and hard work have proven instrumental in propelling him towards financial success, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the industry. Through prudent financial management and astute investment choices, Stephan continues to expand his wealth while inspiring others to pursue their financial goals with diligence and determination.

Quick Facts

  • Graham Stephan, known for his insightful financial advice, stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, but his influence in personal finance reaches far beyond his physical stature.
  • Born on April 22nd, 1990, in Santa Monica, California, Graham’s journey from humble beginnings to financial success underscores the power of perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Despite facing setbacks in his academic pursuits, Graham’s decision to forge his path in real estate exemplifies his determination to seize opportunities and carve his own niche in the industry.
  • With over $125 million in real estate sales, Graham has established himself as a formidable force in the competitive world of property transactions, leveraging his expertise to facilitate successful deals.
  • Beyond his accomplishments in real estate, Graham’s foray into YouTube and television demonstrates his versatility and ability to connect with audiences worldwide, offering valuable insights and inspiration on finance and beyond.


In conclusion, Graham Stephan’s journey from a young entrepreneur to a prominent figure in real estate and YouTube exemplifies the power of resilience, determination, and innovation. Through his insightful financial advice, engaging content, and strategic investments, Graham has not only achieved personal success but has also inspired millions to take control of their financial futures. From his early days as an inventory keeper to his thriving career as a real estate mogul and social media influencer, Graham’s story serves as a testament to the possibilities that arise when one dares to pursue their passions and embrace opportunities with unwavering dedication. As he continues to evolve and expand his reach, Graham Stephan remains a beacon of inspiration for those striving for financial independence and success in today’s dynamic world.

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