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Olivia Johnson Age, Height, Career, Family and Other Facts

Olivia Johnson, a rising US social media star, has established herself online. The family-oriented YouTube channels “the johnson fam” and “Liv & Pey.” dominate her internet presence. Olivia uses these bright venues to express her creativity and communicate with a varied audience.

Olivia Johnson’s digital footprint reveals a compelling landscape of content creation. The “the johnson fam” channel shows the Johnson family’s daily life and experiences, creating a sense of connection. Olivia’s online presence becomes more personal with the “Liv & Pey” channel, which is likely about her and a collaborator.

Olivia’s content includes lifestyle and family-focused vlogs and potentially numerous genres for a wide range of viewers. She has a loyal following due to her entertaining and real style, which boosts channel popularity.

Olivia Johnson’s social media reach extends beyond the digital realm. Her ability to blend personal life, inventiveness, and relevant storylines shows her deep awareness of online society.

Olivia’s changing social media presence emphasises the importance of authenticity and true connection. Her story shows how family-centric content can change lives and how individuals may create a meaningful online presence.

Quick Facts

Full NameOlivia Johnson
Nick NameLiv
Date of birthSeptember 16, 2010
Birth placeMurrieta, CA
Age13 years old
Sun SignVirgo
Lucky Number12
Lucky StoneSapphire
Lucky ColourGreen
Marital Statussingle

Olivia Johnson Age

Olivia Johnson, born September 16, 2010, is 13 years old. Olivia’s early years are portrayed in this chronological detail. Olivia, 13, is entering adolescence, a time of growth, self-discovery, and changing interests. This transitory phase presents obstacles and opportunities, but her birthdate anchors her experiences in a larger chronological framework. Olivia’s age provides factual information and prompts reflection on personal development, hinting at the many possibilities ahead for this young person.

Height & Weight

Certainly. Height and weight detail Olivia Johnson’s body composition. At 5 feet 1 inch (155 centimetres), her height conveys her stature. We can accurately visualise her vertical dimension thanks to this precise measurement. Olivia weighs 45 kilograms, matching her height. This quantifiable data helps her comprehend her physical health and meets health criteria. These details explain Olivia Johnson’s physical identity, including her appearance and measurements.


Father NameJefferson Johnson
Father ProfessionMusician, YouTuber
Mother Name Natalia Johnson
Mother ProfessionYouTuber
SisterPeyton Johnson (Younger Sister) (YouTuber)
BrotherTheodore Johnson (Younger Brother) (YouTuber)

Olivia Johnson’s parents, Natalia and Jeff Johnson, are vital to the Johnson family. The Johnson family of five creates content on their YouTube channel, “the johnson fam.” This family collaboration goes beyond association; all family members actively create channel content. Each Johnson family member’s smooth incorporation into YouTube content creation shows their common devotion to the platform and their collaborative and supportive nature. On their family-oriented YouTube channel, Natalia and Jeff and their children create content that resonates with their audience, encouraging unity and shared experiences.


Olivia Johnson has established herself as a rising social media star in the digital content development industry. Olivia helps her family-oriented YouTube channel, “The Johnson Fam,” succeed by working with her siblings and parents. Since September 10, 2015, the channel has 1.83 million subscribers and 654.5 million views. In six months, the channel garnered over 40,000 subscribers, proving its early success.

The channel’s most popular video is “FROZEN HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! ️ The Johnson Fam Halloween Special 2017,” highlighting their pinnacle popularity.

This video’s intriguing story and entertaining material have helped the channel’s popularity. Their September 2015 debut video, “WHO WE ARE,” established a personal connection with their audience and laid the groundwork for their honest and accessible material.

Olivia and her family’s channel has made social media connections, particularly with Oliver Lanning and the Lanning family from “Daily Bumps.” Collaborative videos like the “What’s In My Mouth Challenge” and “Whisper Challenge” reveal the two families’ friendship.

Bryan Lanning and Jeff Johnson are cousins, which explains their relationship. Bryan, like Jeff, is a family vlogger and musician, stressing their common creative pursuits in digital content creation.

Physical Stat

Height5 feet 1 Inch
Weight45 kg
Hair ColourLight Brown
Eye ColourBlue

Relationship Status

Olivia Johnson appears single in her early years. Given her personality, beauty, and talent, she will likely acquire admirers soon.

Jeff and Natalia, Olivia’s parents, are high school sweethearts who have a lasting love story. After falling in love in high school, they had two daughters, Olivia in 2010 and Peyton in 2013. A son, Theodore/Theo, was born in April 2020, strengthening family relations.

As a family of five, the Johnsons live each day to the utmost. They share love and joy through their daily videos, showing beautiful experiences from their family. As they navigate life together, the Johnson family inspires and warms their audience.

Brand Endorsements

Olivia has promoted many brands on social media, including Shein US and Shein Kids. She seamlessly integrated promotional content on her platform, showcasing a variety of brand products. Olivia’s engaging introductions and highlights of these firms’ offerings show their strategic congruence. This collaboration endorses the businesses and highlights Olivia’s social media marketing influence. Olivia helps her followers learn about other items by partnering with these firms, creating a symbiotic interaction between influencers and brands.

Olivia Johnson Social Media Presence

She has an Instagram account alongside her sister Peyton, @livandpey. This collaboration platform has over 169,000 followers and 378 shared posts. Olivia often appears on her parents’ Instagram pages, expanding her social media impact.

Olivia’s family channel, “The Johnson Fam,” has over 1.83 million subscribers and 654.5 million views on YouTube, making it a major participant in online programming. Since its September 10, 2015 launch, this channel has become a digital oasis with a wide range of material.

Olivia and her sister started a channel on December 31, 2013, to create their own stuff. This platform currently has over 55,000 subscribers and over 2.7 million views.

Olivia and her family can be reached at The Johnson Fam PO BOX 27890 Clinton Keith Rd STE D-401, Murrieta CA 92562. Send collaborations, business queries, and personal messages to [email protected].

Olivia’s digital engagement includes family collaborations and solo initiatives on social media. Fan messages, partnerships, and business queries are welcome via the specified contact information.

Net Worth 

Olivia Johnson’s January 2024 net worth was estimated at $2 million. This valuation shows her earnings and assets to the date. Olivia’s net worth shows her financial success from social networking, content development, and possible commercial initiatives. This financial assessment quantifies Olivia’s success and makes her a prominent economic figure.

FAQs about Olivia Johnson

Q1. Who is Olivia Johnson?

A1. Olivia Johnson is a rising US social media star renowned for her work on family-focused YouTube channels including “the johnson fam” and “Liv & Pey.”

Q2. Which platforms do Olivia Johnson use to create content?

A2. Olivia mostly interacts with her fans on “the johnson fam” and “Liv & Pey,” which feature different content and life advice.

Q3. Is “The Johnson Fam” channel successful?

A3. Last data shows that “The Johnson Fam” channel has over 1.83 million subscribers and 654.5 million views since its September 10, 2015 launch.

Q4. Can I find Olivia on other social media?

A4. Olivia and her sister Peyton use @livandpey on Instagram. Her parents’ Instagram accounts also boost her social media visibility.

Q5. Olivia Johnson’s age?

A5. Olivia Johnson is 13 years old, born September 16, 2010. Her childhood and development are revealed by this timeline.


Finally, Olivia Johnson is a multidimensional digital personality who has managed YouTube and Instagram well. Olivia collaborates with her family on “the johnson fam” and “Liv & Pey” channels, attracting a varied audience with genuineness and originality. Beyond numerical achievement, her story shows how family-centric programming builds true connections. Olivia’s social media presence shows personal progress and the impact of a strong digital identity. Olivia, who had a $2 million net worth in January 2024, shows how personal authenticity, savvy collaborations, and engaging storytelling may lead to digital success.

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