tee morant age

Tee Morant Age, Biography, Height, Career, Wife and Net Worth

Tee Morant, an American entrepreneur and former basketball player, is widely recognized as the father of Ja Morant, the talented point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies in the National Basketball Association (NBA). While Tee Morant’s own age has sparked curiosity among fans, he remains a prominent figure in the NBA scene. Although retired from professional sports, he stays actively involved in basketball, passionately supporting his son’s flourishing career. Tee Morant’s commitment extends beyond the court, as he fulfils roles as a devoted husband and father of two, shaping a legacy that goes beyond the realm of athletics.

Tee Morant Age

tee morant age

Former basketball player and entrepreneur Tee Morant was born on November 15, 1978, as a Scorpio. He’s 44 and brings wisdom and expertise to his many roles. In addition to his athletic accomplishments, Tee Morant has been a prominent figure in both sports and business.

Tee Morant Wiki

Full NameTemetrius Jamel Morant
Famous AsTee Morant
Date of Birth15 November 1978
Tee Morant Age44 years old
Zodiac SignScorpio
Place of BirthMemphis, Tennessee, USA
Current ResidenceMemphis, TN, USA
MotherSaundra E. Dawson
Marital StatusMarried
SchoolHillcrest High School
CollegeClaflin University
ProfessionFormer Basketball Player, Entrepreneur
Net Worth$5 million

Tee Morant Biography

Tee Morant, the former basketball player and father of Ja Morant, shares the full name Temetrius Jamel Morant with his son. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, his mother is Saundra E. Dawson, employed at Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital. Tee Morant has two brothers, Mar Cell and Travis Wiley. Identifying as American and belonging to the African-American ethnicity, he pursued his education at Hillcrest High School before advancing to Claflin University following his secondary education. Tee Morant’s life unfolds as a narrative woven through family, education, and his significant role in the world of basketball.


tee morant career

As the father of famous basketball player Ja Morant, Tee Morant is well known. He became Murray State’s first player with multiple triple-doubles in his sophomore season in 2018-2019. Tee began his basketball career in high school, when he played with Ray Allen, a basketball legend, in college and high school games.

After college, he played for local teams until his wife got pregnant with their first child. Tee Morant worked as a barber and entrepreneur while away from sports.

Tee now coaches his son Ja, helping him succeed in his career. He sits on the sidelines during Ja’s games as a father and a basketball expert, encouraging the next generation. The story of Tee Morant’s basketball career, family, and resilience as a parent and coach is rich.

Tee Morant’s Wife and Childrens

tee morant wife and kids

Indeed, Tee Morant is happily married to Jamie, with whom he shares a special connection beyond matrimony – they were college mates. Their union has blessed them with two children, the eldest being Ja Morant, born on August 10, 1999, and their daughter, Teniya, born on February 16, 2005. The Morant family has a remarkable athletic lineage, as both Ja and Teniya have embraced sports in their own right. Notably, Teniya Morant, following in her family’s athletic footsteps, has carved her own path in the world of sports. Together, Tee Morant and Jamie have built not only a loving family but one rooted in shared experiences, including their college journey and the joy of witnessing their children’s athletic pursuits.

Tee Morant Physical Appearance

Height (feet)5’10”
Height (cm)178
Weight (lbs)154
Weight (kg)70
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack

Tee Morant is 5’10”, or 178 centimetres. He weighs 154 pounds, or 70 kilograms. Tee Morant’s dark hair and eyes enhance his charisma. These elements show his appearance and what makes him unique.

Controversies and Criticisms

Tee Morant’s outspokenness has drawn him into controversy. Tee’s exuberance and verbal sparring with NBA stars and NFL veteran Shannon Sharpe have drawn both criticism and praise from fans.

Some regard him as a hype-fueled publicity seeker, but others admire his enthusiasm for the sport and his support for his son. Tee Morant makes NBA courtside exciting, whatever the viewpoints. His passion for the game and his son, along with his charisma, make him an intriguing basketball figure.

Tee Morant’s Net Worth

tee morant net worth

Tee Morant’s $5 million net worth comes from his basketball career and entrepreneurship. His marriage to Jamie, whom he met in college, has brought Tee lasting enjoyment beyond his career. Since they studied at the same school, the couple is close. They are proud parents to Ja and Teniya. Ja Morant, born August 10, 1999, is their oldest and a successful athlete. Their daughter Teniya, born February 16, 2005, is equally sporty. Tee Morant’s story shows financial success, a happy family, and a love of sports.

Quick Facts About Tee Morant

  • Tee Morant, born on November 15, 1978, is a former basketball player and American entrepreneur, renowned as the father of Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies’ talented point guard in the NBA.
  • Despite being retired from professional sports, Tee Morant actively supports his son’s basketball career, showcasing his enduring passion for the sport and contributing to his son’s success.
  • Tee Morant’s age is 44, and he brings both wisdom and expertise to his roles, not only as a former athlete but also as a devoted husband to Jamie and a father to two children, Ja and Teniya.
  • Tee Morant’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, accumulated through his basketball career and entrepreneurial ventures, reflecting financial success beyond the realm of athletics.
  • Tee Morant’s family, including his wife Jamie and children Ja and Teniya, has a strong athletic lineage, with both children actively participating in sports and contributing to their family’s shared experiences and successes.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: Who is Tee Morant?
A1: Tee Morant is a former American basketball player and entrepreneur.

Q2: How old is Tee Morant?
A2: Tee Morant is 44 years old as of 2023.

Q3: How tall is Tee Morant?
A3: Tee Morant is 5 feet 10 inches or 178 centimetres tall.

Q4: What is Tee Morant’s job?
A4: Tee Morant is a former basketball player and entrepreneur. He played basketball during his high school and college days.

Q5: Where was Tee Morant born?
A5: Tee Morant was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America.

Q6: What nationality is Tee Morant?
A6: Tee Morant is American.


Finally, Tee Morant is a former basketball player, entrepreneur, and loving father of NBA standout Ja Morant. Tee, 44, has a successful basketball career and transitioned into entrepreneurship. His controversial behaviour gives the NBA a unique dynamic. Tee Morant is a complex figure in basketball and beyond due to his family, athletics, and support of his son’s profession.

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