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Jodi Lynn Calaway (The Undertaker’s ex-wife), Age, Height, Bio, Career, Net Worth and Many More

Jodi Lynn Calaway gained recognition as the inaugural spouse of Mark William Calaway, renowned in the wrestling world as “The Undertaker.” Their marriage and her connection to the WWE icon have made her a notable figure among fans and enthusiasts of professional wrestling. With her association with “The Undertaker,” Jodi Lynn’s personal life has garnered significant interest, drawing attention from fans eager to learn more about the woman behind the legendary wrestler.

As the first wife of “The Undertaker,” Jodi Lynn Calaway’s life has become a topic of intrigue within the wrestling community. Her relationship with the WWE legend has sparked curiosity among fans who seek insights into her private world and her role in the life of one of wrestling’s most iconic figures. Through her connection to “The Undertaker,” Jodi Lynn has become a figure of interest and fascination for wrestling enthusiasts eager to uncover more about her life beyond the ring.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Wiki/Bio

Full NameJodi Lynn Calaway
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-spouseMark William Calaway (The Undertaker)
ChildrenGunner Vincent Calaway

Jodi Lynn Calaway Early Life

Lynn has refrained from revealing her date of birth, and details regarding her upbringing remain elusive. Despite her marriage to “The Undertaker” linking her to the wrestling world, there is limited information available about her early life. Throughout their marriage, Jodi Lynn intentionally kept a low profile, rarely appearing in the media. It appears evident that she valued her privacy and opted for a discreet lifestyle, which led to speculation about her identity.

Amidst her ex-husband’s wrestling fame, Jodi Lynn deliberately avoided the spotlight, preferring a quiet life. Her choice to maintain privacy adds to the mystery surrounding her, sparking curiosity about the woman behind the renowned wrestler. Despite the dearth of information, her connection to “The Undertaker” continues to capture attention, prompting speculation about her background and personal preferences.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Age

Jodi Lynn has kept her date of birth and age private, unlike her ex-husband Mark, who was born on March 24, 1965, in Houston, Texas, making him 58 years old as of 2023. Lynn’s decision to withhold such personal details adds to the air of mystery surrounding her life, contrasting with the public persona of her famous former spouse.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Height and Weight

jodi lynn calaway

Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, equivalent to 168 centimetres, the celebrity ex-wife possesses a slender and graceful stature. Weighing approximately 60 kilograms, or 132 pounds, her physical attributes contribute to her elegant appearance and confident demeanour. These measurements reflect her balanced and proportionate frame, enhancing her presence and adding to her overall charm.

Despite her stature, which falls within the average range, the celebrity ex-wife carries herself with poise and confidence, embodying grace in her demeanour. Her physical attributes compliment her personality, exuding an air of sophistication and allure. With her height and weight, she presents herself as a captivating figure, leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.

The Undertaker and Jodi Lynn’s Marital Journey

jodi lynn calaway

The former couple tied the knot in 1989, embarking on a journey together as The Undertaker’s wrestling career began to flourish. However, their marital bliss was short-lived, and they decided to part ways after a decade of marriage. Following their separation, details about Jodi Lynn’s life became elusive, while The Undertaker continued to ascend in the wrestling world, securing several world championship titles.

Their brief union brought forth a son named Gunner Vincent Calaway, who was merely six years old at the time of their divorce. However, the extent of their involvement in co-parenting their son remains undisclosed, leaving questions unanswered about their post-divorce relationship and family dynamics.

Unveiling The Undertaker’s Rare Disclosure about His Divorce

The personal lives of The Undertaker and his ex-wife, Jodi Lynn, remain veiled in secrecy, with little information available about the intricacies of their relationship or the reasons behind their divorce. The wrestling legend, known for his reticence regarding personal matters, seldom divulges details about his family life, preferring to maintain a focus on his professional endeavours amidst the demands of his career. While The Undertaker maintains a visible presence in the media sphere, his discussions primarily revolve around wrestling and brand partnerships, leaving fans to speculate about the dynamics of his past marriage.

In a rare glimpse into The Undertaker’s personal life, retired wrestler Kevin Nash shared an intriguing anecdote about the wrestling icon’s divorce from Jodi Lynn. According to Nash, The Undertaker received divorce papers shortly before his match against Diesel at Wrestlemania 12 in 1996. Despite the emotional turmoil, The Undertaker showcased remarkable resilience, channelling his focus and determination to emerge victorious in the ring. This episode serves as a testament to The Undertaker’s ability to overcome personal challenges and maintain his professional prowess, earning admiration for his unwavering resolve amidst adversity.

How many kids does Jodi Lynn and The Undertaker’s have? 

jodi lynn calaway

Gunner Vincent Calaway, the eldest son of Jodi and Mark, came into the world in 1993, marking a significant chapter in the couple’s family life. Despite being born into the wrestling dynasty, Gunner pursued a different path, delving into the realm of video game artistry. He honed his skills and passion by obtaining a degree in the field from Full Sail University, showcasing his dedication to his craft.

Now in his thirties, Gunner has established himself as a freelance illustrator and artist, channelling his creativity into captivating artworks. His diverse portfolio can be admired on his Instagram account, where he shares glimpses of his talent with his followers. As he continues to carve his own niche in the art world, Gunner’s journey serves as a testament to pursuing one’s passions and embracing individuality, regardless of familial expectations or legacy.

A Special Bond: Jodi Lynn and her son Gunner’s 

A heartwarming Instagram post from Gunner in 2021 sheds light on the special relationship between him and his mother, Jodi. On Mother’s Day, Gunner shared a touching tribute to Jodi, featuring playful and filtered photographs that captured their close bond. In the heartfelt post, Gunner affectionately referred to Jodi as his ride-or-die, best friend, and forever number-one mom, showcasing the deep bond they share.

The post resonated with followers, offering a glimpse into the genuine connection between Jodi and Gunner. Despite the passage of time and life’s changes, their relationship remains strong, characterised by love, support, and mutual admiration. Gunner’s heartfelt tribute serves as a testament to the enduring bond between mother and son, highlighting the significance of familial connections and the joy found in cherished relationships.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Husband Career

jodi lynn calaway

Jodi Lynn’s professional endeavours remain shrouded in mystery, mirroring the lack of information surrounding her early life. In contrast, her former husband embarked on a prolific wrestling career that began in 1987, marking the inception of his journey to becoming a legendary figure in the sport. Throughout his illustrious tenure, he achieved remarkable feats, securing prestigious titles such as the WWF/E Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship, the Hardcore Championship, and the World Tag Team Championship.

While Jodi’s occupation remains undisclosed, her ex-husband’s wrestling achievements speak volumes about his dedication and prowess in the ring. His remarkable success in the world of professional wrestling contrasts with the anonymity surrounding Jodi’s professional pursuits, highlighting the divergent paths taken by the former couple in their respective careers.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Physical Appearance

Height (feet)5’6″
Height (centimetres)168
Weight (kilograms)60
Weight (pounds)132
Body measurements (in)34-24-34
Body measurements (cm)86-60-86
Eye colourDark brown
Hair colourBrown

Jodi Lynn Calaway on Social Media

She maintains a low profile on social media, with no known handles on popular platforms. She prefers to keep her personal life details private, contrasting with her former husband, The Undertaker, who boasts a substantial following on Instagram. With 4.5 million followers and 146 posts, The Undertaker can be found on Instagram under the handle @undertaker. Despite their divorce over two decades ago, Jodi Lynn is still recognized by her ex-husband’s surname, which keeps her in the public eye. However, she continues to lead a discreet life, away from the glare of public scrutiny, opting for a more private existence.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Net Worth

Jodi Lynn’s net worth remains undisclosed, contrasting with her ex-husband’s substantial earnings. Mark, her former spouse, has amassed a notable fortune over the years. Beyond his wrestling career, he has showcased his acting prowess in various projects, including his debut film “Suburban Commando.” While Jodi’s financial status remains private, Mark’s success in both wrestling and acting highlights his significant financial achievements and diverse career ventures.

Interesting Facts About Jodi Lynn Calaway

  • Jodi Lynn Calaway gained recognition as the first wife of WWE legend “The Undertaker,” adding intrigue to her personal life among wrestling fans and enthusiasts.
  • Despite her connection to “The Undertaker,” Jodi Lynn has maintained a low profile, with limited information available about her early life and career.
  • Details about Jodi Lynn’s age and upbringing remain undisclosed, contributing to the mystery surrounding her persona, in contrast to her ex-husband’s public presence.
  • The former couple, Jodi Lynn and “The Undertaker,” tied the knot in 1989 but parted ways after a decade of marriage, with their son Gunner Vincent Calaway born in 1993.
  • Jodi Lynn’s son, Gunner, pursued a career in video game artistry after obtaining a degree from Full Sail University, showcasing his talent as a freelance illustrator and artist.


Q1. Who was Undertaker’s first wife?

A1. Jodi Lynn Calaway, the first wife of WWE legend “The Undertaker,” remains a subject of fascination for fans due to her association with the wrestling icon.

Q2. Did Mark Calaway adopt a child?

A2. Mark Calaway, famously known as The Undertaker, had his first son, Gunner Vincent, with his first wife, Jodi Lynn, in 1993. With his second wife, Sara Frank, he had two daughters named Chasey and Gracie. Additionally, he welcomed a daughter named Kaia Faith with Michelle McCool in 2012 and adopted a son named Kolt.

Q3. How many wives has Undertaker had?

A3. Despite portraying the Deadman on-screen, The Undertaker, also known as Mark Calaway, has been married three times in real life. His first marriage was to Jodi Lynn in 1989, lasting a decade, followed by Sara Frank in 2000.

A4. What is Undertaker’s real name?

A4. Mark William Calaway, born on March 24, 1965, is renowned as The Undertaker in the world of professional wrestling.


In conclusion, Jodi Lynn Calaway’s life, intertwined with wrestling icon “The Undertaker,” remains shrouded in mystery despite her connection to fame. While her early life and current endeavours remain elusive, her enduring impact as the legendary wrestler’s first wife continues to captivate wrestling enthusiasts. Through her son Gunner and occasional glimpses into her personal life, Jodi Lynn’s legacy persists, serving as a testament to the complexities of relationships in the world of professional wrestling and the enduring fascination with those who inhabit its sphere.

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