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Trippie Redd Height

The physical characteristics of their favorite superstars have always piqued the interest of fans. It’s not only about looks and haircuts; it’s also about details like weight and height. Trippie Redd, on the other hand, is 63 kilograms and stands a cool 1.68 meters. You already know that weight tends to fluctuate. Here is the most recent information about Trippie Redd’s weight if you’re interested in the latest. All of this is a part of our obsession with the whole picture of our cherished stars.

Who is Trippie Redd?

Inceptioned on the 18th day of June in the year 1999, hailing from Canton, Ohio, the enigmatic persona named Michael Lamar White IV, universally acknowledged as “Trippie Redd,” emerges as a polymathic luminary in the realm of American artistry. Trippie Redd, not merely a moniker but a mosaic of identities encompassing Big Daddy 14, Lil 14, Big 14, and Slippy Redd, manifests his prowess as a lyricist, vocalist, composer, and instrumentalist. The orchestration of his melodic opuses, such as “Love Scars,” “Poles1469,” and “Dark Knight Dummo,” played an instrumental role, virtually overnight, in propelling him into the stratosphere of stardom.

The adolescent lyricist, at the tender age of 19, garners acclaim primarily for his magnum opus mixtape single, “A Love Letter to You,” which, with remarkable ascendancy, clinched the 64th echelon on the prestigious US Billboard Top 200 chart. Trippie Redd’s idiosyncratic lyrical cadence and enthralling persona evoke parallels with the illustrious Tekashi69, adding an intriguing dimension to his artistic identity.

In its essence, Trippie Redd’s sonic dexterity and idiosyncratic panache not only bestow upon him a conspicuous standing within the auditory domain but also endear him to an exponentially burgeoning conclave of admirers.

Trippie Redd Biography

Trippie Redd, born Michael Lamar White IV on June 18, 1999, emerges as an adept American lyricist and vocalist. Following the culmination of his scholastic journey, he orchestrated a pivotal relocation to Atlanta, where serendipity orchestrated a rendezvous with the esteemed rapper Lil Wop. This fortuitous encounter ultimately materialized into a contractual agreement with a record label, marking the commencement of his odyssey within the realm of professional recording studios.

Trippie Redd’s sonic ascent manifested through the resonating success of tracks such as “Love Scars,” “Poles1469” featuring 6ix9ine, and “Dark Knight Dummo” featuring Travis Scott. Both “Love Scars” and “Poles1469” attained the prestigious gold certification from the RIAA, whereas “Dark Knight Dummo” ascended to the 72nd position on the Billboard Hot 100, clinching platinum accolades.

In the month of July in the year 2018, the artist unveiled his inaugural opus, christened “Life’s a Trip,” a magnum opus that descended upon the auditory landscape on August 10, 2018. Swiftly claiming the fourth berth on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, the album showcased its mettle by amassing a commendable 72,000 album-equivalent units in sales.

Trippie Redd Wiki

Full Name/Real NameMichael Lamar White IV
Known asTrippie Redd
Profession(s)Rapper, Singer, Song Writer
BirthplaceConton, Ohio, United States
Birth Day18-Jun-99
Age23 years old
Height1.68 m
Height in Feet5 feet and 6 inches
Height in cm168 cm
Weight63 kg
Weight in Pound138 pounds
Dates withAngivish (2017-2018), Mulan Vuitton (2016-2018), Coi Leray (2019)
Marital ConditionIn a relationship
SpouseWill be Updated Soon
Daughter and SonNo
IncomeNot Known
Net Worth$5 Million

Trippie Redd Education

Trippie Redd wasn’t really into academics, even though he managed to finish his professional coursework. His true love was always in the world of rapping and singing. Instead of hitting the books, he was honing his skills and chasing his passion for music. For him, the rhythm and lyrics spoke louder than the textbooks ever could.

Trippie Redd Age

Are you curious in Trippie Redd’s age? He was born on June 18, 1999, therefore that makes him 23 years old as of right now. Originally from Canton, Ohio, in the United States, this gifted artist made her debut. That being said, here are some facts about Trippie Redd for your perusal!

Trippie Redd Family

Trippie Redd, whose mother gave him the name Michael Lamar White IV, is an Ohioan from Canton. When he was born, Michael Lamar White III, his father, was incarcerated, leaving Tonya White, his mother, to face the difficult path of being a single parent. He has two brothers: Hippie Redd, the younger brother, and Dirty Redd, the older brother who died tragically in an automobile accident.

Growing up was difficult because of his father’s absence and the death of his older sibling. Nevertheless, Trippie Redd overcame these obstacles to complete high school. Even though he didn’t prioritize education, he was able to follow his own interest and path outside of the classroom.

Trippie Redd Personal Life

Trippie Redd’s romantic journey has traversed a tumultuous terrain. In the annals of 2016, he found companionship in Mulan Vuitton, a Latina luminary gracing the realms of Instagram. Nevertheless, the narrative took a detour in 2017 when revelations of infidelity surfaced, precipitating the dissolution of their entanglement. Swiftly thereafter, a fresh chapter unfurled as he entered into a liaison with Aylek$ (also recognized as Angvish), a compatriot in the realm of musical artistry.

The chronicle of their affection was not bereft of theatrics. Trippie Redd took to the digital stage, disseminating videos alongside Aylek$ and delivering admonishments to those contemplating intrusion into her Instagram direct messages. As anticipated, this sparked personal quandaries, culminating in the duo officially severing ties in 2018.

Fascinatingly, Trippie Redd experienced a metamorphosis of sentiments in 2018, openly professing his affection for his erstwhile paramour, Mulan Vuitton. However, this reunion encountered choppy waters, with Mulan Vuitton articulating dissent over the resurrected liaison, even resorting to a live-streamed exposition of her standpoint. Love, it appears, meanders through convoluted paths even for our esteemed luminaries.

Trippie Redd Career

Trippie Redd kicked off his journey in the music scene with a mix of different recordings and rap-singing. His musical passion ignited after soaking in the vibes of artists like T-Pain, The Summer Salt, Hit The Lights, Cute is What We Aim For, Marilyn Manson, Fountains of Wayne, and The Ataris.

Lil Tae, also known as Taevion Williams, served as a significant inspiration for him. Trippie officially entered the music scene in 2014 with his initial recorded tracks, “Sub-zero” and “New Ferrari.”

Taking his talents to Atlanta, he teamed up with Lil Wop, who not only offered a record deal but also provided Trippie the chance to hit the studio. The professional recording studio became his playground, collaborating with Kodie Shane on songs like ‘Awakening My Inner Beast,’ ‘Rock the World Trippie,’ and ‘Beast Mode.’ Later, he joined Elliot Entertainment and made the move to Los Angeles.

Trippie Redd’s breakthrough came in 2017 with his debut song, ‘A Love Letter To You,’ and the solo hit ‘Love Scars,’ amassing a whopping 8 million views. His SoundCloud presence skyrocketed, garnering 13 million views for ‘Love Scars.’

With a slew of chart-topping songs on the Billboard 200, Trippie collaborated with XXXTentacion on more than 17 tracks. His music catalog includes hits like ‘How You Feel,’ ‘Taking a Walk,’ ‘Me Likely,’ ‘Dark Knight Dummo,’ ‘A Love Letter to You 2 or 3,’ and ‘Mac 10’ (single).

Trippie Redd’s collaborative ventures are equally impressive, featuring songs like “Tell Me You Love Me,” “I Got You,” “Neon Shark VS Pegasus,” “Dissimulation,” “Fuck Love,” and “Angels & Demons.” Notable hits like “Miss the Rage” and “Lil Uzi Vert” secured spots on the Hot 100 list, claiming positions 11 and 50 respectively.

However, success didn’t shield him from criticism and rivalries. He faced a dangerous situation when someone opened fire on his tour bus, injuring the driver and putting Trippie Redd in harm’s way. Despite the challenges, Trippie Redd continues to carve his path in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark with his unique sound and collaborations.

Trippie Redd Net Worth 

Trippie Redd’s got some serious cash flow coming his way. Picture this: his debut album “Life’s a Trip” and the follow-up “!,” both hitting the top five on the Billboard 200, and his mixtape “A Love Letter to You 4” claiming the numero uno spot. This guy knows how to make his mark.

Sure, there’s been a bit of drama, like when 6IX9INE spilled the beans in September 2019 about Trippie Redd being part of a rival group called Five-Nine Brims. But guess what? Trippie’s career isn’t slowing down.

When January 2024 rolls along, there’s talk that Trippie Redd’s net worth has surpassed a cool $4 million. Not bad for a person who has been producing music that keeps us all moving.

Trippie Redd Relationship Status

Trippie Redd’s love life has been a bit of a rollercoaster. He’s had this on-again, off-again thing with Aylek$, keeping everyone guessing. But the plot thickens because in 2019, he took a detour and started dating rapper Coi Leray. Unfortunately, the love story didn’t have a happily ever after, and they eventually went their separate ways. Love’s a tricky business, even for the stars.


  1. Height and Measurements: Trippie Redd stands at 1.68 meters, equivalent to 5 feet 6 inches, and weighs around 63 kilograms (138 pounds).
  2. Birthplace: Trippie Redd, born Michael Lamar White IV, hails from Canton, Ohio, United States.
  3. Birth Date: He was born on June 18, 1999, making him 23 years old as of the current date.
  4. Profession: Trippie Redd is a versatile artist, excelling as a rapper, singer, and songwriter.
  5. Notable Works: His breakthrough mixtape single, “A Love Letter to You,” and hits like “Love Scars” and “Dark Knight Dummo” contributed significantly to his rise in the music industry.
  6. Album Success: His debut album, “Life’s a Trip,” claimed the fourth spot on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, demonstrating his early success.
  7. Family Background: Trippie Redd grew up facing challenges, with his father incarcerated and the tragic loss of his older brother in a car accident.
  8. Relationships: Trippie Redd’s romantic journey includes relationships with Mulan Vuitton and Aylek$, along with a brief stint dating rapper Coi Leray.
  9. Net Worth: As of January 2024, Trippie Redd’s estimated net worth is around $4 million, fueled by the success of his albums and mixtapes.


Trippie Redd, born Michael Lamar White IV in 1999, is a renowned American rapper, singer, and songwriter hailing from Canton, Ohio. His music journey began with collaborations in Atlanta, eventually leading to his breakthrough with hits like “Love Scars” and “Dark Knight Dummo.” His debut album, “Life’s a Trip,” secured a prominent position on the Billboard 200, showcasing his early success. Trippie Redd’s personal life, marked by relationships with Mulan Vuitton, Aylek$, and Coi Leray, adds layers to his public persona. With a net worth of approximately $4 million, he continues to make waves in the music industry.


What is Trippie Redd’s height?

Trippie Redd stands at 1.68 meters or 5 feet 6 inches.

When was Trippie Redd born?

Trippie Redd was born on June 18, 1999, making him 23 years old.

Where is Trippie Redd from?

Trippie Redd is originally from Canton, Ohio, United States.

What is Trippie Redd’s profession?

Trippie Redd is a rapper, singer, and songwriter.

What is Trippie Redd’s net worth?

As of January 2024, Trippie Redd’s estimated net worth is around $4 million.

Which are Trippie Redd’s notable hits?

Trippie Redd gained recognition with hits like “Love Scars,” “Dark Knight Dummo,” and his debut mixtape single, “A Love Letter to You.”

What challenges did Trippie Redd face in his personal life?

Trippie Redd faced challenges, including his father’s incarceration and the tragic loss of his older brother in a car accident.

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